What to do if puppy ignores you? Get Your Pet Thinking

Choosing a Cue Word

Choosing and sticking to a cue word for recall is extremely important. Chances are, the cue word that you usually shout has been overused and ignored one too many times. So, pick a new cue word!

Whether it’s “come”, “here”, “now”, or anything else, make sure that everyone else in your household is also aware of the cue word, as well as how to use it in the correct way. The cue word should never be said angrily, as you don’t want your dog to be afraid of it.

Your dog is uncomfortable or in pain.

Does your dog love to do their “roll over” trick – only on a bed or a soft carpet? It may hurt their back when they try to do it on your kitchen floor?

Do they refuse to sit if they’re on hot sand or gravel? Maybe it hurts their paws.

Sometimes it’s not that obvious. Your dog may have an underlying health condition that makes them tired, irritable, or can make it painful for them to do what you ask of them.

Your dog needs help with generalizing.

Another reason your dog doesn’t listen at the park: they don’t generalize very easily.

You tell your dog “sit” in your living room while you’re sitting on the couch. Your dog is able to understand you not only because they know you’ll reward them for responding to “sit,” but also because you’ve training them while sitting in front of them in your living room.

“Sit,” at that point, does not yet mean“sit while I’m standing, holding your lead, while I’m catching up with my friend at the park”.

To train your dog so they’re truly fluent with their cues, you’ll need to practice in the kitchen, while you’re standing next to them, while you’re sitting, while you’re across the room, in a box, with a fox… you get the idea.

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It may be amusing at first when your new dog runs away and won’t come when called, but that disobedience will get old very quickly. Not only is a lack of recall immensely frustrating, but it can also be dangerous. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back – here’s what to do if your dog will not come when called.