What to do when dog tries to dominate you? Find Out Here

How to Stop Dog Dominance Behavior

A long-term/a permanent solution to stop dominance behavior is behavioral modification. Behavioral modification aims to change dogs’ undesired and/or harmful behaviors with more desirable, safe, and acceptable behaviors that help heighten their quality of life.

Behavioral modification is a lengthy process that requires a lot of commitment and patience. It is certainly not an overnight training that magically resolves the problematic behavior.

There are various techniques you can use to modify the behavior. Habituation, extinction, desensitization, counter-conditioning, response substitution, and shaping are commonly mentioned techniques that you will probably encounter if you search online.

It is best to consult with professionals in the relative field, such as canine behavior consultants, obedience training providers, and/or veterinarians, before beginning any modification training.

Veterinarians can rule out any medical issue your dog might have if your dog’s aggression/dominance comes from any underlying medical problem. The behavior may minimize or cease once the medical issue is resolved or properly managed.

What to do when dog tries to dominate you?

Why Growling is NOT Always a Bad Thing

Dogs use growling to warn others that there is a problem that requires a solution. A dog growling at you might mean that they perceive you as the problem. They are trying to figure out how to act, and this is when people label growling behavior as bad behavior. If a dog is looking at something and growling simultaneously, you would appreciate the dog for alerting you.

Dominant behavior may often lead to dog aggression, such as uncontrollable barking or biting. So, how do you break dominance over a dog?

When a dog is stubborn or often refuses to follow the owner’s commands, that could mean your dog has dominant behavior. Dominant dogs are always trying to dominate the environment they are in. They want to be in control and make their own rules.

Is your dog possessive over his bed? Is he acting aggressively by pulling on the collar? Is it getting harder and harder to get your dog out of the furniture? Analyzing your dog’s dominant behaviors will help you understand and get a better picture of his troublesome character, so you can start working on that.

Watch me battle a dominant Alaska Malamute

Why Trying To Dominate Your Dog Will Backfire Feature Chances are pretty good that if you’ve ever shared life with a dog, somewhere along the way someone has instructed you about the importance of learning how to dominate your dog. Most dog parents have heard the lingo: alpha dog, pack leader, top dog, dominant, submissive.

The problem is, dominance theory (which has enjoyed an unfortunate resurgence over the last 10 years) is, at best, deeply flawed – and at worst, can actually do serious damage to our relationships with our dogs.