What to do with a puppy when you first bring it home? A Comprehensive Guide

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You’ve chosen a puppy, bought supplies, puppy-proofed your home, and established some household rules. Now it’s time to bring your new puppy home. Of course you’re excited and eager to start this new bond, but try to imagine what this is like for the puppy. He’s just been taken from his mother, siblings, the only humans he knows, and his familiar environment. This can be scary and confusing for a puppy, but there are several things you can do to help him adjust to his new life.

Your first instinct may be to bring him in the house, let him explore and immediately meet his new family. But, take things slowly.

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Before you even get in the car to go pick up your new best friend, there are some things you want to have on hand at home and several items you need to buy for your puppy before he even arrives. By purchasing these beforehand, you’ll be all set for those first few days with your new dog.

Set Up a Routine – Puppy Potty Schedule – How Long Should Puppies Sleep?

Once you’ve taken the puppy outside for the last potty, set up your nightly routine. Give them the command to kennel or crate and give them time to comply. This is a good time to enforce those same rules as well and coax them with just a small treat to reinforce the command. This is a good time to tell them good night and shut out the lights.

Puppies tend to sleep 15-20 hours a day so you should have no trouble getting them to sleep through the night by the time they’re 10-12 weeks old. Once they’ve settled into the routine and gotten used to their new environment, they’ll be able to easily sleep through the night. Read more in our guide to puppy sleeping.

Puppy First Day Home Tips – Professional Dog Training Tips

There are many things to think about when you consider bringing a new puppy into your family. From how to pick out the right puppy to what you will need to prepare for your puppy’s arrival, there is so much to plan for! The planning doesn’t stop after your newest family member comes home either.

The life of a new puppy owner is almost as hectic as the life of a new parent. Fortunately for a puppy owner, the baby phase is much shorter and much less expensive than having a human child. Table Of Contents