What type of bed do dogs prefer? Here’s What to Expect

Best dog bed for small and medium dogs

Support: Memory-foam pad | Comfort: Four side bolsters | Washability: Removable and washable microfiber cover | Style details: Three sizes and two colors

You may know Barefoot Dreams for its insanely soft, celebrity-approved throw blankets and bathrobes. But did you know the brand also makes a plush dog bed that’s just as cozy? Beauty director Caitlin Kiernan’s two-year-old French bulldog, Gordon, became so obsessed with his Barefoot Dreams CozyChic bed that she bought two more for other rooms in her house. “We wanted a dog bed that was structured but cozy,” she says, adding that this one checks both of those boxes. “The shape gives him plenty of room to stretch out and relax, and the memory foam makes it supportive and comfortable.” While the CozyChic bed comes in three sizes, accommodating dogs up to 36 inches from head to tail (a golden retriever, for example), the four bolsters, plush texture, and memory-foam pad make it perfect for little dogs who prefer warming beds that cradle them on all sides.

Why Invest In A Dog Bed?

Even dog owners need their space. If your bed is your alone (or couple) time, it’s crucial to invest in a dog bed so your pup doesn’t get too cozy and accustomed to sharing yours every night.

A Mayo Clinic sleep study found that many pet owners who suffer from sleep problems have their pets sleep in their beds every night. Learn more about the pros and cons of allowing your dog to sleep in your bed.

We reviewed the best dog bed types based on various factors: breed, coat type, and temperature sensitivity. The best kind of dog bed varies depending on your dog’s size and needs.

Most Environmentally-Friendly Dog Bed (Recycled Materials): P.L.A.Y. Eco-Friendly Bed

With increasing levels of eco-awareness, some dog owners are interested in purchasing only earth-friendly products. There are many dog beds available that are made from recyclable materials.

For instance, the P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle bed is manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. These bed options are often more expensive than other options; however, they are usually built for durability and contribute towards an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Best Dog Beds 2022 (Which Bed Is Right For Your Pet?)

With so many dog beds on the market, deciding which one is best for your pet can be a real challenge. Different styles fulfill different purposes, and some even provide therapeutic benefits. Its best to take a look at a variety of styles before you invest in a bed that you can be sure will deliver the comfort your pet needs.