What Type Of Dog Is The Cottonelle Puppy

The Coton de Tuléar is a breed of small dog named for the city of Tuléar (also known as Toliara) in Madagascar.

Sometimes laughter, sometimes tears. But always food for the soul.

Want to have a fun little pupper on your desktop? This little Cottonelle Labrador Retriever cutie can do all kinds of tricks and you can also brush, tickle, feed, bathe, and play with him. He can sit on top of your display or be hidden. He can even be made to stay sleeping so as not to annoy you while you are working. It is really truly amazing. I only wish I could figure out how they actually do this. It is quite intriguing to see in action as there are a multitude of behaviors.

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What kind of dog is the Cottonelle dog?

About the Breed

The Coton de Tulear (KO-Tone Dih TOO-Lay-ARE) is a small, immensely charming dog standing between 9 and 11 inches high and weighing anywhere from 8 to 13 pounds. Cotons are known for a profuse white coat that is as soft as cotton (or, as the French say, ‘coton’ ).

What kind of dog is the Andrex puppy?

The Cottonelle website, showed a list of Cottonelle related items that you could receive in exchange for puppy points, including a Cottonelle bath robe, a Cottonelle picture frame, hand bag, slippers, etc. On July 31, 2008, puppy points were discontinued and could no longer be redeemed for merchandise.