What’s considered a lap dog? Find Out Here

Shih Tzu

What’s considered a lap dog?

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Translating to “little lion,” the shih tzu does boast an impressive mane, but their connection to the king of the jungle stops there. In fact, these long-haired beauties are legends in their own right, with lineage dating back to Chinese emperors more than 1,000 years ago who revered shih tzus as coveted companions. All this to say, these pint-sized pups had a whole palace to parade around in, and that still didnt stop them from laying claim to available laps. Today they certainly continue a proud heritage of making themselves right at home.


What’s considered a lap dog?

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Speaking of, the poised Pekingese is no stranger to palace life. Like the shih tzu, the long-locked Pekingese is known as a “lion dog.” Weighing no more than 14 pounds, the Pekingese actually resided inside the sleeves of Chinese emperors who cherished the charismatic breed by their side. Its no wonder the proud breed carries a little pep in their step. Maximize lap time with at least an hour of brushing each week to ensure your pup is feeling her best.


As a dog owner, you’re responsible not only for your dog’s physical wellbeing but their mental health, too. Some dogs like to keep track of their owners and sit on them so that they feel more confident and secure. Dogs are the most loyal animals on the planet, and they expect loyalty in return.

Dogs always give 100 percent to protect their people. Holding your dog on your lap lets you both realize you are safe together.

Mostly, dogs sit on laps for their benefit. Being close to you lets them guess what you’re about to do. Are you getting ready to leave the house? Or start preparing food?

Top 10 Best Lap Dogs for Cuddly Owners

Dogs like to be close to their owners. In their hearts, all dogs want to be lap dog breeds.

Even if you create a cozy bed for your dog, this furry creature will always find ways to sit right on top of you. Do you know what that means?

Your boy wants a piece of you. As a pet owner, you should snuggle with your dog more often. If he wants to sit on you, make sure he’s not acting rude or weird. If your puppy is acting too clingy, you should train him not to sit on you at his whim. But whether your dog is on your lap, at your feet, or on your chest, it’s all just his way of showing that he loves you.

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