When can I start feeding my puppy twice a day? Find Out Here

FAQs About When To Switch Puppies To Two Meals A Day

The best time to switch your puppy from three to two meals a day is when they are between six and 12 months old. Keep in mind that most toy and small breed dogs can make the switch to two meals a day when they are between seven and nine months old.

Large and giant breeds, on the other hand, can continue eating three meals a day until they are between 12 and 14 months old.

There are many factors that affect your dog’s nutritional needs and the number of meals they should have during the day.

Spayed and neutered puppies, for example, are less energetic than their intact counterparts and therefore need less nutrient-dense food and fewer meals.

Generally, you can transition a spayed or neutered puppy to adult maintenance food, to lower their calorie intake and prevent obesity.

How many times a day should I feed a two-month-old puppy?

A two-month-old puppy should be fed four small meals a day spread evenly throughout the day and always at the same times.

An eight-week-old puppy will still only eat canned puppy food, which means that you will need to feed larger amounts to account for your pup’s daily nutritional needs.

At this time, you may also want to try adding a few bits of dry kibble into your pup’s wet food to start getting them used to the feel and texture of kibble.

Since your pup should transition fully to dry puppy food by age of 10 weeks, now is the perfect time to start introducing them to it.

Even when you start feeding kibble, your puppy will still need to have four equally spaced meals a day until they reach three months.

How and why do puppies’ nutritional needs differ from adult dogs?

Puppies are growing rapidly, building bone and muscle, and developing organs. Adult dogs are maintaining their bodies. Your puppy needs extra nutrients to fuel their growth.

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