When Did Dog Man Mothering Heights Come Out

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March 23, 2021

Chapter 3: Escape from Cat Jail

Grampa tries to escape from Cat Jail using the Cupcake Exit, but Big Jim has installed a security mechanism so Grampa cant get through. Big Jim claims only his cardboard robot can escape. Grampa then claims that it needs a battery. Big Jim runs up to get the battery, while Grampa climbs into Big Jims robot.

Chapter 8: Becoming Petey

[Note: The chapter cover is a reference to the book Becoming Michelle Obama.] Grampa and Big Jim try going to Cal and Bungas Surf Shop for living spray, but to no avail. Sarah interviews Petey when he shows her around his lab. Grampa decides to go steal the living spray from Peteys home. Dog Man tries again to give Nurse Lady a romantic gesture with a box of chocolates but she accepts them for her staff. Petey is interviewed back in his living room, but Sarah does not give him any opening to answer her questions. Molly and Lil Petey interrupt again with their silly songs because they want apple juice. (Petey offers them cranberry but they refuse). When they leave, they wonder why Petey is grumpy.

Chapter 4: Cone of Destiny

Lil Petey and 80-HD are inventing a new Mecha-Cone Suit for Dog Man. They return to the Supa Pillow Fort and take off the old cone from Dog Man and replace it with a new one. Dog Man is happy with the new cone, and Lil Petey dubs it “The Cone of Destiny”. Lil Petey tells Dog Man if he ever needs help, just press the button on the top, and all of his dreams will come true. Dog Man rushes out of the house to the police station, knocking over Petey who has come to pick Lil Petey up for the week. Petey takes Lil Petey and 80-HD to his lab, telling the latter the he needs to fix the damage he caused in Grime and Punishment.


Is Mothering Heights The Last Dog Man book?

Dog Man: Mothering Heights is the 10th book in the Dog Man series. This book was released on March 23, 2021.

Is there gonna be a Dog Man 11?

Scholastic has announced a new Dog Man book, the 11th in Dav Pilkey’s bestselling series, and the first in two years: Dog Man: Twenty Thousand Fleas Under the Sea will be released on March 28, 2023, simultaneously in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia and New Zealand, and Asia.

Is there a new Dog Man book coming out 2022?

Paperback – February 3, 2022.