When Do They Find Out Who Killed Kaz

On the Season 7 Finale of ‘Wentworth,’ Someone Finally Admitted to Killing Kaz (SPOILERS) So many things happened in the Season 7 finale of the Australian drama Wentworth that we don’t even know where to begin, so we’ll start with the identity of Kaz Proctor’s killer.

Season 7[]

In episode one Kaz learns off of Linda Miles that Marie has received 15 years and she is trying her best to look after a deteriorating Liz. Kaz alongside her crew welcome Marie back to prison, alongside Allie who has sided with Marie, Kaz tells Marie to stay away from Rita. Kaz also manages to get on the bad side of druggie inmate Kylee Webb who attacks her but fails to harm her. Kaz is later seen at Ritas wedding in the visitors centre.

In episode two Rita and Kaz make an alliance to kill Marie by getting chemicals from the kitchen, laundry and garden to build a fire bomb. Allie saw them mixing chemicals and tells Ruby that they should back off, Ruby checks it out and eventually convinces Rita that even if Marie killed Ray killing her wouldnt help. Marie cant get any more gear cause Vickys stash got flushed by Kaz, she eventually manipulates Allie into getting it in for her. Allie brings in it by after seeing heroin wants a hit herself so starts heating it on the stove, Kaz walks in and stops her, Allie complains about how Kaz left her astray, but Allie betrayed her earlier. Kaz realises Allie wont be able to resist going without heroin with Marie around and finally takes revenge on her. She walks towards Maries cell with a chemical fire bomb, rolls it through the door and when Marie realises, slams the door shut with a door jam. Marie sees the flame about to blow her cell explode and she is taken to medical.

In episode three Kaz is sent to solitary and threatened with being sent to the psych unit permanently but speaks with Greg Miller and says shes a serial rescuer of women, Vera tells Will to release her from the slot as the women would not be able to cope with Kosta leading the women. Will at first refuses, but gives in and releases her after Kaz says to Will she cannot continue hating on the people she didnt want to become but indeed became the person she feared. Kaz later learns from Allie that Narelle Stang is in prison and that she is the sister of the person who was bashed by the them in a case of mistaken identity. Kaz who fells a strong sense of guilt later admits to Narelle Stang that she was the person behind the Red Right Hand and the person who left Narelles brother permanently disabled.

in episode four Kaz explains more of her story to Dr Miller and tells him she refused to be the victim anymore after her father hurt her “in everyway”. After a heart breaking clash with Liz after Liz has her conjugal with Steve and one final goodbye to Allie, someone slices Kazs throat in he corridor. Kaz with her dying strength manages to write a cryptic “M” on the floor. Kaz is found by Vera Bennett who alerts Will Jackson. Kazs body is then taken away by the police.

Kazs murderer is revealed to be Sean Brody, who says that he killed her to keep Michaels details about his private life safe.

Kazs final lines are You know I am proud of my achievements and Im proud of the woman Ive become, and Im hopeful for the future.

Do they find out Marie killed Kaz?

When the siege takes hold things go wrong from the start, Marie wants to get out. Things go from bad to worse when she calls her protector and he comes to the prison, and when it is found out, Sean reveals he killed Kaz, and she tells him to stop shooting after Sean shoots May in the head killing her.

Does Maxine Come Back On Wentworth?

At the end of Season 7, it was revealed that Maxine (played by Sigrid Thornton) had been suffering from cancer and had only a short time to live. In the final episode of the season, she chose to end her own life rather than continue suffering. However, in a post-credits scene, it was hinted that she may have survived her suicide attempt and could return in Season 8.

While there has been no confirmation from the producers or cast about whether or not Maxine will be back for the final season, many fans are hoping that she will make at least a brief appearance. After all, her story is far from over and there are many unanswered questions about what happened to her after she overdosed on pills.

Liz is killed by Joan Ferguson, also known as the Freak, in season 3 of the Australian television show Wentworth. Joan stabs Liz in the neck with a sharpened toothbrush after Liz refuses to be her accomplice in a plan to escape from prison.


Do they find out who killed Kaz?

Kaz is found by Vera Bennett who alerts Will Jackson. Kaz’s body is then taken away by the police. Kaz’s murderer is revealed to be Sean Brody, who says that he killed her to keep Michael’s details about his private life safe.

What episode do they find out who killed Kaz?

At the end of the fourth episode of Wentworth’s seventh season’s, our resident Top Dog, Kaz Proctor (Tammy MacIntosh) – immediately after telling Dr Miller (David de Lautour) that she’d found a “new way forward” and felt respected and loved – was horrifically murdered, her throat slashed by an unknown assailant as she …

What episode does Kaz get killed?

In episode 4 of season 7, Kaz is murdered by corrupt prison officer Sean Brody.

What episode does Kaz find out about Ferguson?

She was arrested in Series 3, Episode 12 when Joan Ferguson reported her to the police and has been an inmate ever since. She was sentenced to 12 years for her crimes. She was sentenced to more time after pushing Sonia Stevens off the roof in Season 6 and was serving life up until her death in Episode 4 of Season 7.