When will my dog pee after being neutered? Simple and Effective Tips

Is it normal for my pet to be shivering or shaking a lot?

This is not uncommon and can be a side effect of the anesthetic wearing off, which should resolve within 24-48 hours; or it could be anxiety. Remember, your pet does not understand he or she had surgery. Try your best to not hover over your pet as that may increase their anxiety. You may also apply a warm towel from the dryer on your pet for comfort. If you did not purchase additional pain medication you may come into the clinic to purchase additional pain medication to help your pet recover.

Frequently asked questions about after your dog or cat’s surgery

If you still cannot find an answer and are concerned about your pet, please call us Monday through Friday from 8AM to 4PM so that we can arrange a time for you to bring your pet by so our staff can take a look. There is no examination fee at Pet Resource Center of Kansas City to look at your pet within 10 days of the surgery.

If you pet’s condition appears to be life threatening, please call your nearest emergency veterinary clinic. We recommend the following:

Mission Veterinary Emergency and Specialty 5914 Johnson Dr. Mission, KS P: 913-722-5566

You are responsible for all costs associated with your pet’s emergency care

How long after neutering will dogs stop marking their territory in the house?

We know that neutering isn’t a miracle cure to marking. Just how effective it will depend on how old your dog is and whether or not that has already started marking inside your home.

If the marking started shortly before your dog got neutered, the behavior might disappear straight away. However, if your dog was marking for months or years before they got neutered, they are unlikely to stop once neutered. Or it may take around two months for all the hormones to leave their system if the behavior isn’t too ingrained.

That is because marking is an instinct fueled by hormones and triggered by things in the dog’s environment. The only way the marking will stop once it’s become a thing is through intervention and training.

Our dog got neutered and it didn’t go well…

Will neutering your puppy stop them from marking in the house? This is the question we will answer as we look at the relationship between marking and having your dog neutered.