Where are healthy hide dog treats made? Tips and Tricks

Healthy Hide – Premium Natural Rawhide Treats & Chews for Dogs

Healthy Hide Dog Chews are made with a commitment to provide the premium products your dog deserves. Each natural rawhide chew from Healthy Hide is made with superior, food-grade ingredients and processed under the strictest guidelines to ensure edibility and safety. Healthy Hide beefhide chews feature real rawhide from free-range, open pasture cattle, processed using state-of-the-art technology to deliver a treat every dog will love. These wholesome chews contain real beef, porl, chicken, liver, or cheese flavors to satisfy any dogs craving. The rawhide is treated with natural enzymes that allows it to digest up to 60% faster than other rawhide brands.


Minced & Whipped SAFE-HIDE™ The best bones for dogs have never been easier to find. We have the perfect Wonderlicious treats, with Minced & Whipped SAFE-HIDE™.

  • Highly Digestible Making sure the dog treats you give your pets will digest properly is extremely important! Independent testing proves our Healthy Chews are the most easily digestible rawhide on the market. Healthy Chews SAFE-HIDE™ is the Healthy Rawhide.
  • Full of Tasty Flavor When we show our love with the healthy dog treats we buy our pets, making sure they are tasty for them is very important! Our Healthy Chews are infused with flavors your dogs will love to keep playing with until the end. Our long lasting dog bones keep the flavour all the way through!
  • High in Protein Keeping our dogs healthy is a huge part of being a dog parent. With 70% of Protein per StiXX and SnaXX, our natural dog chews ensure your dog will be in good hands. Their shape and size also makes them the perfect natural dental care for dogs.
  • A decade ago, nearly all rawhide dog chews were made in the USA. Now, most of them are produced in Mexico, South America, China. Wholesome Hide is one of the only companies producing rawhide treats in the USA with USA beef hide. Of course that means were are creating American jobs and paying American taxes. But it also means that we are supplying dog owners with treats that have qualities that are simply not available in import products.

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