Where can I leave my dog? Find Out Here

Pet-related problems can be frustrating and you may feel that giving up your pet is the only solution. But before you take that step, check out the resources available to help pet owners resolve problems that may seem overwhelming. Best case scenario: You won’t have to part with your friend after all. But if you do, our tips can help you find your pet a loving new home.

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By taking on the task of finding your pet a home, you can also reduce competition for limited space and resources in shelters or rescues. Here are some tips for placing your pet in a loving new home.

Many behavior problems can be caused by a treatable medical condition. For example, a house-trained pet may begin urinating in the house due to a urinary tract infection that a veterinarian can diagnose and easily treat.

If you decide that rehoming your pet is the best option, keep in mind that despite the best efforts of shelters and rescues to care for their animals, your home is usually the best place for your pet while you search for an adopter.

Leaving Your Dog For a Number of Days

The question of where to leave your dog while on vacation or away from home can be a difficult one to answer. Whether you are heading out on vacation for a couple of weeks, or off on a business trip for a couple of days, you will need to find appropriate care for your canine companion. At Dix Animal Hospital our vets understand that deciding which kind of care is best for you and your pet can be challenging, but doing a little research into the options available near you, and what features each service offers, can help to make your decision easier.

Leaving Your Dog for a Month, or Longer

Sometimes trips can take us away for longer, and leaving your dog in the right care during these situations can be even more stressful. Whether you need to go away for a family emergency, a business trip or a long-term vacation, you need to make sure your furbaby is in good hands until you return. Here are some options when leaving your dog for a month.

Where to Leave Your Dog When You’re on Vacation

As much as you might like to take your dog with you everywhere you go, sometimes this is just not possible. Going to work, social functions, even certain restaurants, means that you will have to leave your dog home alone.

Let’s take a look at the best ways to leave your furry friend home alone without having to worry about chewed-up shoes, stains on your carpet, or howling that will likely annoy your neighbors.