Where do you put cat food so dog can’t get? What to Know

Use a Cat Puzzle Feeder

A simple idea to keep your cats food safe from your dog is to use a cat puzzle as a cat feeder. This is also a great choice if your cat has the bad habit of gobbling down its food in the hurry.

We have a list of awesome cat puzzles you can browse to get ideas. Of those on the list, this simple cardboard puzzle from CatAmazing is a top choice because it requires a cats dexterity to get the food out of the puzzle, which means that the dog will not be able to use its paws to get the food out. Use a Cat Puzzle Feeder

However, using a cat puzzle is only efficient if your dog is not very stubborn. Since its so easy to implement compared to other ideas, its worth trying out, but you might be surprised to find out that your dog is also a puzzle fan.

Elevate the Cat’s Food Bowl

If your dog has a bad habit of eating your cats food, then its time to take action. You can put the differences between cats and dogs to good use by placing the cats food bowl up where the cat can get to it and enjoy its meal from up above, but where the dog cant climb to.

The best way to do that is to install a cat tree in your home and place the cats food bowl on the top level. This is also the best way to keep small dogs away from the cats food. Elevate the Cats Food Bowl

For tiny dogs like Chihuahuas, installing a cat door, a door latch, or even a dog fence does not work because they can fit through the same places that cats can. What they cant do is climb up a cat tree, so the cats food is safe up there. If you want some ideas for cat trees, make sure to check out our list of cool cat trees.

Why Cat Foods Are Not Good For Dogs

Cat foods are nutritionally different than dog foods and are meant to satisfy a completely different set of nutritional requirements. Cats need more protein and fats, while dogs don’t. Some amino acids such as Taurine are crucial for cats, but dogs don’t need them. Cats don’t need many carbohydrates but dogs do. Each food satisfies the different nutritional needs of each specie. If you don’t want your dog to have serious health issues in the long run and if you don’t want your kitty to experience nutritional deficiencies, you must stop your canine friend from stealing the cat’s food.

¿Is It SAFE For a DOG To EAT Cat Food?

Keeping the dog away from the cat’s food is important for your cat and the dog’s health. When dogs eat cat food on a daily basis they are subject to digestive issues and a lack of proper nutrition. Dogs eating cat food regularly get fat and experience vomiting and diarrhea. The cat also eats less food which poses a risk of malnutrition for your feline, even worse if you have a kitten.