Where does giardia come from in dogs? Essential Tips

How Is Giardia in Dogs Spread?

Giardia has to be ingested by your dog in order for him to get the parasite. Your dog can get Giardia by drinking water that has been contaminated by feces or by eating something that has been contaminated by feces, like grass. Since dogs love to put things in their mouths, this means that there are plenty of ways your dog can pick up the parasite in his environment, whether it is by chewing on a stick, eating poop, or drinking from a puddle.

Once the parasite is in your dog’s intestines, your dog can spread the parasite, even if he doesn’t show any signs of infection. This is worrisome, especially if you have more than one pet in your household. While transmission from dogs to cats and cats to dogs is unlikely, the transmission from dog to dog is certainly a cause for concern. If one of your pets is diagnosed with Giardia, talk to your vet about the precautions you need to take to protect your other pets.

How will Giardia affect my dog?

Many dogs infected with Giardia do not get any disease. Giardiasis, the disease caused by Giardia infection, usually results in diarrhea. Having giardiasis for a long time can cause weight loss; poor condition; and even death.

How Can You Prevent Giardia in Dogs?

Make sure your dog always has enough clean water in his bowl. Get them used to drinking only from the bowl whenever they are thirsty. Discourage them from drinking any other water.

If the water supply in your area is known to contain Giardia, use a filter that removes the cysts. Another way of making the water safe is by boiling it, which will kill the cysts.

It is important to know that your dog can be passing Giardia cysts even though they appear quite healthy. Its necessary to clean their poop as quickly as possible so that your yard and the environment are safe from this infection.

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