Where does JUJI the dog live? The Ultimate Guide

Giant breeds are usually pretty lazy. They are powerful, but they typically choose to take a nap instead of demonstrating their abilities. When it comes to such large dogs, you need to account for their maintenance costs. They eat a lot, and insurance on these dogs is usually higher. Medical bills are more expensive, and they, unfortunately, have a shorter lifespan.

In most of their pictures together, Juji looks at least twice the size his owner Chris is. People couldn’t believe what they saw, and we were in disbelief as well the first time we saw Chris’s pictures and videos.

Saint Bernards are pretty close to Newfoundland. These breeds are not even close to Juji, the giant dog, but they can get pretty massive. Saint Bernards are also pretty peaceful dogs that have endless patience and tolerance for kids’ shenanigans.

All pictures are Chris ownership and if you are interested in checking out all of their adventures, follow Chris on his social media here.

One of the first things we were wondering was how it all started. How did Chris get the idea of creating such great photos? We were a bit bummed out when we found out that Juji is a normal Goldendoodle and Chris is a creative man that photoshops for a living. He makes stunning photos that people can order from him.

Where does Juji the dog live?

At the moment, Juji still lives in Buffalo, Minnesota, with Christopher and Christine along with his new furry brother Jasper.

Where does JUJI the dog live?

But neither is he the fuzzy white canine who towers over landscapes, people and cars, thanks to the digital wizardry of Chris Cline, who cant quite get over whats happening to his life.

After months of talking, “we agreed to meet,” Cline said. “So about three years ago, I got on a bus for Minnesota and Ive never left.”

Cline was a graphic designer in Virginia when he began corresponding with Fagerlie, a nature photographer. Theyd met on Instagram.

“Its amazing,” Cline says. “We live in a country where I can make a living taking pictures of my dog.”

Fagerlie wanted a dog; Cline was less than enthusiastic. But after a hospital stay in 2014, he returned home to Juji. He was less than enthusiastic.

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