Where Is Kirkland Dog Food Made

Dog food, like sausage ingredients and supreme court nominees, is one of those things that you probably dont want to look at too closely. Its a part of everyday life, but youll stay happier longer if you dont spend too much time thinking about what went into making it.

Still, for the curious, it can be a real roller coaster of an experience to try and track down just what makes it into their beloved canine companions stomach, ill-fated squeaky toys and the odd sock notwithstanding. Depending on how far down this rabbit hole you want to go, you might even be interested to find out where store brand kibble comes from. Were not judging, weve had slow days at work, too.

And so, for the insatiably inquisitive, heres the dark, twisted story of how Kirkland Brand dog food is produced. Fasten your seatbelts and prepare your complementary motion sickness baggy, because things in the thrill-a-minute world of bulk grocery shopping are about to get wild.

Q: Where are the Kirkland Signature Pet Foods made? A: All of the dry foods are made by Diamond Pet Foods in five company owned manufacturing facilities, all in the United States. Two are located in Arkansas, California, one in Missouri and one in South Carolina.

Who Makes Kirkland Mature Dog Food

Kirkland Mature dog food is manufactured by Simmons Pet Food.

Who Makes Costco Brand Dog Food?

When hunting for high-quality dog food at a low cost, many people turn to Costco’s Kirkland brand. It’s a no-frills, economy dog food that is often recommended by both customers and veterinarians. When customers spot the famous red and black Kirkland Signature label on dog food bags, they feel confident that they’re getting a great deal on quality food for their pets.

Most people don’t think about the big retail names behind their favorite pet food. It’s easier to not think about what goes into making your dog’s kibble. A lot of pet owners are cautious about off-brand labeling. If you’re interested in who is behind the food going into your pet’s stomach, it’s easy to dive down a rabbit hole of secrets, rumors, and misinformation.

While many of the company names behind the store’s Kirkland Signature products are known to the public, the identity of other producers is a closely kept secret. That means that your favorite Costco dog food brand isn’t produced by a company named Kirkland.

It might come as a surprise that Costco doesn’t make its own products. Instead, the retail company pays a third-party manufacturer to make dog food exclusively for Costco’s Kirkland brand. While Costco has never publicly stated which company makes their dog food brand, determined customers and internet sleuths have tracked down valid evidence to pinpoint the company’s face behind the name on the package.

Customers noticed that the FDA recalled both Kirkland brand dog foods and Diamond Naturals by Diamond Pet Foods due to a salmonella outbreak at its South Carolina plant location in 2012. The ensuing lawsuit linked both companies in claims that pets became ill after eating pet foods tainted by salmonella.

Since the lawsuit revealed that the Kirkland brand came from a Diamond manufacturing facility in South Carolina, it became clear that Costco’s dog kibble is made by Diamond Pet Foods, Inc.

Diamond Pet Foods is the retail giant behind the Kirkland label. It is one of the largest pet food producers in the United States. The company produces wet and dry dog foods, canned meals, biscuits, and pet treats. It’s had explosive success with its ability to take corn and animal byproducts and turn the brand into a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Where Do the Ingredients Come From in Kirkland’s Dog Food?

Not only is Kirkland’s Dog Food made in the United States, but most of its ingredients also originate from the United States.

It is important to note that there are some important ingredients that cannot be sourced domestically at the high standards that the company strives for.

Such ingredients include dried chicory root and potato protein, both of which are sourced from overseas in Belgium and Germany.


Who owns Kirkland dog food?

Based on the result, Kirkland adult dog food is most comparable to: Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula™ Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe. Diamond Naturals All Life Stages Dog Chicken & Rice Formula. Kindfull Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food.

Who makes Kirkland Nature’s domain dog food?

Who manufactures Kirkland? Kirkland dog food is a private-label brand which is made for the large retailer Costco. Along with 4health, another private-label brand, it is manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods, Inc., which is owned by Schell and Kampeter, Inc.

Where is the brand Kirkland from?

Nature’s Domain diets are manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods in three different locations across the United States – Meta, Missouri, Lathrop, California, and Gaston, South Carolina.