Which dog foods are made in China? A Step-by-Step Guide

Is Purina Dog Food Made in China?

Purina PetCare products were some of those recalled in 2007. Although most of their dog foods are made in Missouri, USA, some of their treats may be from other countries, including China. And, even if these products are from the US, it is not easy to find out where the ingredients come from. So, better do some research and check with the manufacturers if you have doubts about certain products.

Lack of Regulation in Pet Food Production

Dog food contamination was a widespread problem in China because they had no regulations for pet food manufacturing in the country. Further, China has no clear set of rules that govern pet food products. What they have is a department handling the approval of human foods.

Secondly, local governments in the country give more importance to quantity over quality. Additionally, China has a wide range of environmental pollution concerns, that even human food is getting contaminated. So what more can you expect with pet food production if there is already a problem with human foods?

However, the Chinese government was never remiss in addressing the reports of dog food contamination. The country implemented new standards and guidelines to address these concerns. China even created a separate government agency to assess and gather information about pet food producers. Further, they offered rewards for those who would report companies with inappropriate production practices. Finally, China imposed death penalties for those responsible for food contamination, especially when there are human deaths involved.

China is America’s third-largest food importer of pet food products. However, China has no comprehensive laws when it comes to pet food manufacturing. Although they have rules for human food poisoning, they don’t have strict penalties of wrongdoers relative to pet food safety.

Unfortunately, the FDA does not generally inspect China’s dog food imports, and they always find its way to US shelves. But, seeing “Made in the USA” on the label does not necessarily mean that all ingredients came from America.

Nonetheless, China is not the only country that is guilty of pet food contamination. Thus, you should get information about the source of the ingredients of your pet’s food. Yet, pet food companies are not obliged to give you where their ingredients come from. So, it is always wise to purchase pet foods from trusted manufacturers.

What Dog Foods are Made in China?

We believe there are dog food brands that sourced their ingredients from China like those manufactured by Nestle, Costco, Hill’s Pet, and more. However, some pet food products don’t have the word China on the label. But, these products may still contain China’s dog food ingredients as additives or supplements. Therefore, it is advisable to check with the manufacturer about the dog food ingredients.

Which dog foods are made in China?

What dog food is not made in China?

Our dogs do not have any say over what dog food they get to eat. As pet owners, its our responsibility to choose a food that will provide our canines with proper nutrition. We also need to ensure that were selecting safe products that are sourced with good quality ingredients. Many pet owners have concerns about dog food made in China. So should you be worried?

With everything we know today about the Chinese pet food market, there is no reason for you to include any Chinese ingredients in your dog’s diet and put your pet at risk when there are many safe alternatives out there.

Since the mass commercial dog food recall back in 2007, many of us dog owners have been hyper aware of pet foods made or sourced in China. Is that hyper awareness justified or was this a once in a lifetime event? Lets take a look at 12 facts that you need to know about dog food made in China.

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12 Facts About Pet Food Made in China