Which dog is most like a bear? Here’s What to Expect

Bush dogs, also known as Savannah or vinegar dogs, are listed as endangered species and look like little brown bears. They are native to the Amazon basin but can be found throughout Central and South America in places such as Suriname, Guyana, and Peru.

In Chinese, they are known as “Tang quan,” or “dog of the Tang empire.” Although it is not common for them to be friendly with strangers, if trained from an early age, they can be quite affectionate.

Pyrenees Mountain dogs are enormous, gentle, and intelligent. They are also very affectionate and do well as livestock guardians and watchdogs. They were originally used by shepherds in the Pyrenees mountain region of France and northern Spain, hence their name. In North America, they are called the Great Pyrenees Mountain dogs because of their large size. They should not be confused with the Pyrenees mastiff which looks similar but behaves differently.

The Newfoundland breed originated in Newfoundland, Canada. They are giant and powerful, but friendly dogs. Black and white Newfoundland dogs are common, but they can also be brown and grey. This dog was bred to be a working dog. They were used for pulling nets for fisherman and hauling wood from the forest, so they are naturally strong and sturdy. They are very good swimmers as well, and are obedient and responsive. Newfoundland dogs make good family pets because they are usually gentle with strangers and children.

Tibetan mastiffs are ancient domesticated dogs. They are gigantic and powerful mountain dogs whose traditional purpose was to protect livestock and help with herding. Orange-colored ones look like lions, but black and dark brown ones look very much like bears, especially when they are young. Nowadays, Tibetan mastiffs are one of the most in-demand dogs in Asia and parts of Europe. In China, they are a trending fashion and status symbol, and they are sold at a very high price. Aside from the buying price, they are also expensive to care for due to their size and living and grooming requirements.

Great Pyrenees

Which dog is most like a bear?

Great Pyrenees have had many jobs over the years, including guarding livestock from predators and hauling supplies in World War II. These dogs were declared the Royal Dog of France in 1675 by King Louis XIV.

NewfoundlandIf you spot a bear that loves spending time in the water and has his tongue perpetually hanging out, he may not be a bear at all. He may be a Newfoundland Dog! Bred in Canada’s icy Newfoundland and Labrador province as a maritime working dog, these big boys were renowned for their fearlessness and life-saving abilities. Today’s Newfies are famous instead for their sweet dispositions and love of children. These great companion dogs may wind up outweighing their owners, though! Considered a giant breed, Newfies need room to spread out, a lot of human or animal company, moderate exercise, and owners who are tolerant of shedding and drool—lots of drool. Oh, and they appreciate a swimming pool, too. Fun fact: Newfoundlands are one of the best

Which dog is most like a bear?

These 10 Dog Breeds Look Like Bears

Every dog lover has their “type.” Whether you prefer big dogs or little dogs, short-nosed dogs or long-nosed dogs, curly-coated dogs, or dogs that look like wolves, theres a breed—or a mutt—out there for you. And if you have a soft spot for dogs that look like bears, youre in luck! There are plenty of furballs with dense, fluffy fur and a certain ursine appearance. [dam-video dam-id=”40759″ type_of_player=”jw” /] Be aware that bear-like dogs arent for every household. With a few exceptions (were looking at you, Pomeranians), these dogs look like bears partly because theyre big—in some cases, really big, unlike these puppies that look like teddy bears. So they might not be suited for apartment living or small yards. Most of them are major shedders and need regular brushing and grooming to keep their coats clean and healthy. And virtually all of them were bred for cold climates, so they dont do well in hot weather and cant be kept outside when temperatures are high, according to the American Kennel Club. But if you think youre ready for a bear-alicious fur baby, take a look at these dog breeds that look like bears. And remember, before you buy, check your local animal shelter or breed rescue group for a fluffy, bear-like dog in need of a loving home. Great Pyrenees dog in winter standing on snowy ground