Which dogs make the most noise? Surprising Answer


These fluffy dogs have an alert, lively expression. They can grow very attached to their owners which make them very vocal. When strangers and often children approach, they have a low growl that means, “Leave me alone”.

When they hear any noise that is threatening, they bark with a high-pitched shrill. Unknown to many, this breed is in the “Spitz” family with Huskies, Malamutes and Akita. They come in a variety of colors.

The Science of Barking in Dogs

It used to be claimed that barking in dogs has no functional value and is simply a byproduct of domestication. However, recent studies have disputed these claims and proven that barking is actually a way for dogs to communicate (1, 2). Most commonly, a bark is used as a way of warning, greeting or playtime related (3).

Researchers have also observed that barks differ among different breeds, and occasionally even among individual dogs, and the barks frequency will often be anywhere between 160 Hz and 2630 Hz (4, 5). All dogs can distinguish between these different barking frequencies and react accordingly to what the other dog is communicating (6).

Scientists discovered how different breeds have different barking patterns, and use barking in their own ways, including how often they bark and how likely a dog breed is going to use barking as a way of communication as opposed to other methods (7). For example, breeds like Basenji, Shar-pei or Chow-Chow are much less likely to bark and will often either refuse communicating, or use other ways to demonstrate their emotions.

German Shepherd

If you want a guard dog, look no further than the German Shepherd. This breed’s intense bark is enough to scare the toughest criminals. A German Shepherd holds 2nd place for the loudest bark ever recorded. On top of that, they have a bite that’s stronger than a pitbull! Don’t let the GSD’s loud bark fool you, they are very trainable and make great family companions. However, if left to his or her own devices, expect German Shepherds to make a lot, I mean a LOT, of barking noise.

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