Who is Suga dog? Here’s What to Do Next

BTS member Suga, who previously said his pet dog Min Holly walks all over him, shared another video of the dogs antics. Suga recently returned to South Korea after a US trip, where he along with his bandmates met United States President Joe Biden in Washington D.C. In his new video, Holly refused to give him space, and decided to lie down on his neck when the musician went to bed. Also Read| BTS: V says Ill enjoy movie in new video as he poses with Gang Dong-Won, makes heart with cheeks at Broker premier

Suga, along with his bandmates RM, Jin, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, returned to Seoul after their meeting with the US President. The band is now preparing for the release of their new album Proof. BTS has dropped multiple concept photos for the upcoming release, titled Proof version and ‘Door’ version. Get more updates from

BTS ARMY took to Twitter to react to the video, making Holly trend on the platform. One wrote, “Im gonna cry. I wanna cuddle Holly,” while another commented, “Holly is so adorable. I can imagine Yoongi recording this with a big smile on his face.” A third one wrote, “Yoongi takes such good care of our fur baby he’s such an amazing dad.”

The rapper later shared a video of Holly as the dog continued to disturb his sleep. The video showed Holly getting comfortable in a blanket. Suga said in the video, “Sometimes I am suspicious wondering if its a human.” He captioned it, “Even took the blanket off of me…are you a human or a puppy? Even snoring…”

Here are some more adorable pictures of the Toy Poodle that SUGA calls Min Holly. Take a look!

Twitter is abuzz with pictures of a brown toy poodle after BTS’ SUGA (Min Yoongi) shared an of his pet dog on Instagram named Min Holly. The poodle is a male dog that lives with Min Yoongi’s brother.

BTS ARMY claim that SUGA has a soft spot for Holly especially since the star once confessed not being a dog person but ended up loving Holly. BTS’ Jimin too once said that whenever SUGA saw Holly, he’d call the pet in a cute voice asking him to come near, which is hard to imagine of someone with a personality like Min Yoongi.

Suga has a soft spot for Holly. He loves him so much; Suga stated once that he isnt the type of person to like dogs, but he ended up loving Holly. (“When I think about Holly, my heart hurts. Because, Im normally not the kind of person who like dogs. But I ended up liking him.”)

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