Who Killed Kaz In Wentworth

The identity of Kaz Proctor’s killer is revealed in the eighth episode of Wentworth’s seventh season. In this episode, the prison’s new governor, Vera Bennett (Kate Atkinson), investigates Kaz’s murder and discovers that she was killed by another inmate, Joan Ferguson (Pamela Rabe). Joan had previously been convicted of killing another inmate, Jodie Spiteri (Kris McQuade), and is currently serving a life sentence. Vera Bennett confronts Joan Ferguson about Kaz’s murder and she confesses to the crime.

officer Sean Brody

Who killed Kaz on Wentworth? (SPOILERS)

Corrupt corrections officer Sean Brody admits to killing Kaz while holding a few of the women hostage in the prison’s laundry room. He claims to have done it in order to keep Attorney General Michael Heston safe.

The revelation comes after he fatally shoots both Vicky Kosta and May Jenkins, the latter of whoms death is a result of Boomers attempt to end the siege.

Though Sean tries to negotiate an escape via helicopter with criminal mastermind Marie Winter, they’re both shot by Allie Novak. Marie takes a bullet to the leg and survives but Sean is killed instantly. We can’t say we’ll miss him.

Throughout the last few episodes, many of the inmates thought that Marie was behind Kaz’s murder, but the mother of one insists that she didn’t know Sean was responsible for the death until he confessed.

Before Wentworth[]

Kaz is introduced as one of Bea’s supporters and is in a vigilante group called The Red Right Hand. Kazs main storylines have centred on her idolism of Bea Smith and being a vigilante against men who abuse women.

However, since showing an appearance in Series 3 Episode 12, Blood and Fire, she has a growing hatred towards Bea Smith since being used by her to get information on Nils Jesper.

Why Did Marie Get 15 Years On Wentworth?

Marie was sentenced to 15 years in Wentworth Correctional Centre for assaulting the doctor who said that her son Danny Winter was brain-dead. The assault was unprovoked and caused serious injury to the doctor, who required hospital treatment.


Why was Kaz killed in Wentworth?

Kaz’s murderer is revealed to be Sean Brody, who says that he killed her to keep Michael’s details about his private life safe.

Does Marie know who killed Kaz?

Marie fails to escape alongside Brody and Allie, but Marie scuffles with Ruby and is shot in the leg by Allie. Afterward, Marie tells Will she only found out that Brody killed Kaz and things weren’t supposed to go that way.

What episode do they find out who killed Kaz?

At the end of the fourth episode of Wentworth’s seventh season’s, our resident Top Dog, Kaz Proctor (Tammy MacIntosh) – immediately after telling Dr Miller (David de Lautour) that she’d found a “new way forward” and felt respected and loved – was horrifically murdered, her throat slashed by an unknown assailant as she …

Who is top dog after Kaz dies?

Not only did Marie (Susie Porter) have the most to gain from Kaz’s death – by becoming the new Top Dog – she also discovered Kaz knew of her love affair with Will, and also the existence of her “Rock spider” dirt file. But is Marie really the person responsible for Kaz’s fate?