Who won pooch 2021 UK? Simple and Effective Tips

What do you get for winning pooch perfect?

The series features ten professional dog stylists competing in a series of themed challenges which sees the transformation of beloved pets, with a judging panel including international styling experts Amber Lewin and Colin Taylor determining the winner of $100,000 in prize money.

Who won Pooch Perfect?The final of Pooch Perfect saw Kelly Davis, Georgia Ashton Fuller and Lakhi Thindal go head to head to impress judges, Colin Taylor and Verity Hardcastle. After an intense finale with some spectacular grooms, only one contestant could take home the winning title of Pooch Perfect. Kelly D has been crowned the winner of the first season of Pooch Perfect on BBC One.  In the final, Kelly groomed a continental clip on a standard poodle for the first time ever during the breed standard challenge.

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Fans have been sharing their thoughts online about the winner of Pooch Perfect.

One fan tweeted: “Congratulations Kelly u made me shed a tear too. X”

A second fan added: “My favourite. So happy for Kelly xx”

A third fan commented: “Honestly thoroughly enjoyed pooch perfect. Could not have picked a winner out of those three – they were all amazing”

Pooch Perfect is streaming on the BBC iPlayer now

POOCH PERFECT on BBC One has revealed its winner after 8 weeks of searching for Britain’s best dog groomer. So who won Pooch Perfect? By

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Pooch Perfect winner: Who won Pooch Perfect? [New US UK]

The animal-based competition show, which was hosted by actress Smith alongside a dog named Stanley, aired earlier this year and saw experienced dog groomers compete to impress judges Verity Hardcastle and Colin Taylor with their skills and win the title of the UKs Top Dog Stylist.

Smith, who has six dogs of her own at home, described landing the gig as “heaven” and called it “literally my dream job!” but the show will not be returning to our screens following its first series, which saw groomer Kelly Davis named as the winner.

The BBC told Digital Spy: “Pooch Perfect brought plenty of light relief to viewers during lockdown and whilst the show wont be returning for another series, wed like to thank Sheridan, the judges, animal experts, groomers and pet owners plus the entire team at Beyond Productions for bringing such joy to our screens at a time when we needed it most.”

The BBC defended the show after its launch following concerns raised by the RSPCAs head of companion animals Dr Samantha Gaines, who said that the show runs the risk of perpetuating “the idea that dogs are ours to objectify”.

The BBC released a statement saying that the “care and wellbeing of the dogs was of the utmost importance” to the programme makers, adding that there were always “an RSPCA-approved animal welfare consultant, a grooming consultant, and a vet” present on set.

The broadcaster also addressed criticism of the dogs having their fur dyed, saying that the products used “were animal safe and temporary” and that permission had been sought from the owners.

Pooch Perfect has also aired in Australia and the US, with Pitch Perfect actress Rebel Wilson as the host on both shows.

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