Why are large dogs not allowed in apartments? Here’s What to Expect

What are Breed Restrictions, and Why do Apartments Have Them in Place?

Breed restrictions are rental policies restricting tenants from renting if they own a specific pet breed. While breed restrictions generally exclude cats, most rental properties place breed restrictions on dogs for their propensity to harm other residents or damage the rental property. As a result of their breeding, select dogs are naturally stronger and territorial. Likewise, other dogs are naturally larger—and with larger size usually comes higher energy levels. Rental properties may fear that stereotypically territorial dogs may harm fellow residents, and larger dogs may damage the property because of their size and energy. Thus, rental properties enforce breed restrictions to protect the integrity and safety of a property and its residents.

Apartment Dog Restrictions: It’sAbout More Than Weight

Why are large dogs not allowed in apartments?

You might own a dog that doesn’t exceed the weight limit set out by your landlord and feel really happy about that.

However, it’s good to bear in mind that not all dog breeds are allowed in apartments – even if their weight is not an issue.

Thisis largely due to the dog breed’s reputation as being aggressive. Landlordswill avoid letting tenants bring these dogs into the apartment building becausethey are seen as violent and dangerous.

Some dog breeds that are considered to be the most aggressive include American Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans, terriers, and Great Danes.

With some large dogs, such as Great Danes, their size alone is what makes them seem riskier than other breeds because they can easily cause injury to someone just by running into them.

What is Considered an Aggressive Dog Breed?

Aggressive dogs are categorized by their threat to other people and animals. The breeds history of attacks, barking, lunging, snapping, and overall body language are all ways that dogs end up on the restricted breed list.

Why are some dog breeds not allowed in apartments?

If youre a pet lover, you probably know about breed restrictions or rules prohibiting specific aggressive dogs from a property. In some cases, apartments also restrict dogs of all breeds over a certain weight.

With nearly 69 million American households owning at least one dog, its essential to brush up on restricted dog breeds. You may need to rethink your strategy and find a pet-friendly apartment without breed restrictions.

Restricted dog breeds for apartments can vary from place to place. Landlords can also ban your pup if theyre a mix of an aggressive breed.

The above isnt necessarily a comprehensive list of breeds considered aggressive. Also, remember that some dogs are banned for their large size, not their behavior.