Why Did Auggie’S Dad Threw Out His Astronaut Helmet

Q. Why did Auggie’s dad throw out his astronaut helmet? It was old. Dad didn’t want him to hide his face.

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After Augusts graduation ceremony, his father admits that he hated his old astronaut helmet and says that he threw it away. August is shocked by his fathers confession and asks him why he got rid of the helmet. Augusts father responds by telling August that he missed seeing his face. He also tells August that it broke his heart whenever he would cover his face and wanted August to feel comfortable in his own skin.

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Why Did AuggieS Dad Threw Out His Astronaut Helmet

In any coming-of-age novel, a graduation ceremony is an important milestone that symbolizes the growth that a character has exhibited over the course of the narrative. Auggie has grown up so much during his first year at Beecher Prep, and the award he receives at graduation is representative of his kindness and courage in the face of adversity.

The astronaut helmet given to Auggie by Miranda when he was much younger is a symbol of Auggies own insecurity about the way he looks. In order to be normal, Auggie felt that he had to hide his true self. As he gets older, though, he becomes more comfortable with his appearance and learns to deal with the responses of others to his condition. After he loses the helmet, he realizes he can get by without it. His eventual positive response to Dads final revelation, that the helmet was thrown out, confirms that Auggie has lost this old insecurity.

Certain sections of this novel contain motifs that call attention to the universe. Via begins her section with a description of the universe that is her family, and the way their universe revolves around Auggie. Justin continues this motif in his section, as he acknowledges how the universe has been unkind to Auggie in many ways, but has also blessed Auggie by giving him a loving family. The idea of the universe is important because it emphasizes that there is always something out there bigger than any single person, something guiding the way the world works.

Daisy the dog is an important symbol of the Pullman familys love and loyalty. Daisy ties the Pullmans together in a way that nothing else can, helping them to move past their fights and arguments. She is also a symbol of unconditional love; no matter what Auggie looks like, she loves him no matter what. When Daisy dies, the Pullmans have to learn to come together without their beloved dog; however, the new puppy, Bear, is a symbol of the hope they have for the future.

Auggies various Star Wars toys, games, and merchandise are symbolic of his childhood. As he grows up over the novel, he attempts to shed this old persona and become someone new and more mature. Star Wars will always be important to him, but part of growing up is seeking out new interests and learning to leave some things behind in the past.

How does Auggie describe the sunset?

How does Auggie describe the way it looked when the sun set. The sunset made the shadows long on the grass, the clouds were pink and orange, and it looked like someone smudged chalk across the sky with their fingers.

Auggie loves Halloweeneven more than Christmas. He gets to wear a costume, a mask, which is the best because it means he doesn’t get stared at. Auggie used to wear an astronaut helmet everywhere, every day

Auggie cutting his braid off symbolizes personal growth and a clear transition from one part of his life (homeschooling) to another (real school).


What happened to August’s astronaut helmet?

Fortunately Auggie’s dad misses his son’s face so much that he secretly throws away the helmet, bringing his young astronaut reluctantly back to earth. And in doing so, we understand that the helmet was a tool for a kid, and that now Auggie’s growing up.

Who threw away Auggie’s helmet?

In the chapter ‘Costumes’ Auggie describes the astronaut helmet that he wore constantly as a younger child. We later learn that Miranda was the one to give Auggie the helmet, and is proud of the gift, but that it was Auggie’s father who threw it away.

What does the astronaut helmet represent in wonder?

As he enters a mainstream school for the first time in fifth grade, he wears an astronaut helmet. This hides him from the other students, who he worries will not accept him. The helmet represents the desire for a safe space, while also showing the isolation he experiences.