Why do dogs hate blowing? Let’s Explore

Dogs might even find your breath smells too bad!

And lastly, and perhaps a little tongue in cheek, but I think there is some credence to why dogs hate you blowing on their face, is that they simply hate the smell of your breath!

It makes sense when you consider that dogs have 300 million olfactory receptors in their nose. This is what gives them such an amazing sense of smell, estimated to be 10,000 times more accurate than us humans.

Why do dogs hate blowing?

Whilst you might think that your breath has no discernible bad odors, it might not be the same for your dog!

Does blowing in a dog’s face hurt them?

Blowing air into a dogs face may just seem like some mindless fun, but dogs hate it. If you think about it, do you ever blow another persons face for fun? Even when you try to tease a baby with this they will be irritated.

Although this wont necessarily hurt them, the shock of the sensation is not pleasant to them. With this in mind, and knowing that sometimes your dog may attack as a response – there is no need to keep doing it! There are two reasons why your dog is angry that youre doing this: the effect it has on their senses and the discomfort that this produces.

Why do dogs hate blowing?

Don’t Ever Blow On A Strange Dog

Whether it is a dog you recently adopted or a dog you just met, do not blow on him. While your dog might get annoyed and tolerate you (their loving and caring owner) blowing on him, a strange dog likely won’t act as pleasantly.

I’m sure being scared or worse by a strange dog is not worth whatever amusement you think you might get out of blowing on them.

Blow in your dogs face and see what happens | TikTok

Dogs are such sweet animals. They’re always happy to see us, no matter what kind of day they’ve had. Sometimes though, it seems like they get annoyed or even angry at the strangest things.

Of course, it makes sense that they would get angry when they were abused or teased. But why do they get annoyed or even hate small things like not being able to sniff a fire hydrant on a walk, or when our kids stare at them? It’s hard to understand why dogs would react so strongly to something that seems so minor to us.

Odds are there’s a good reason for most things that annoy dogs. Maybe it’s because they’re trying to protect us from something they see as a threat. Or they have a different way of perceiving the world than we do.

But what about blowing on them? Why do dogs hate when you blow on them? There’s no hard proof for exactly why dogs dislike it. However, when taken with what else we know about dogs, some decent theories could explain what is going on with your favorite pooch.