Why do dogs love to snuggle? Here’s the Answer

Why Do Dogs Not Like to Cuddle?

Echterling-Savage says every dog has a different way of showing affection, which could be dependent on their breed or genetic makeup, or because of early life experiences. Some puppers may only want to cuddle based on temperature, which might change dramatically whether theyre overly cold or hot.

We also need to consider that the ways we physically demonstrate love arent often preferred by them. For example, many dogs dont like kisses, hugs, or tickles. Some dont even like their bellies rubbed!

But heres the good news: By paying close attention to your dogs body language, youll pick up on all sorts of signals about if and how your dog likes to cuddle.

“Just like us, dogs want and need physical contact. For many, sitting or sleeping near their owner is a way to cuddle,” Echterling-Savage says. “Others invite cuddles or pets by rolling over, vocalizing in a specific way, or approaching with a wiggly body.”

Whether or not your pet gets snuggly, Echterling-Savage says that teaching dogs to be physically handled using classical conditioning is essential. “This is important in life for grooming and veterinary procedures. Through classical conditioning, those touches are paired with pleasant things, mainly treats!” Early socialization helps, too.

Do Some Dogs Cuddle More Than Others?

While always keeping in mind that each pooch has an individual personality, anecdotal evidence suggests some dogs are more cuddly than others. Echterling-Savage says if youre wondering about a specific breed, check their history first.

And even some largest dog breeds, such as Great Danes or mastiffs, can be snugglers, too. “I believe some giant breeds get the stereotype of being lap dogs because they sometimes like to sit on your lap,” Echterling-Savage says. “They dont know just how giant they are!”

However, Pilossoph cautions prospective pet parents not to choose a breed based on a canines natural predilection to cuddle, as a dogs preferences can change over time for various reasons, including unexpected health issues or behavioral problems.

Cuddles can calm and relieve stress.

Theres a reason some colleges keep dogs around during finals week! Research has shown that even simply petting a dog can lower levels of the hormone cortisol, which is responsible for anxiety, stress, and depression. The balancing of hormones is why therapy dogs are used to help those who have PTSD, and one of the reasons that scientists suspect dog owners live longer.

14 Signs Your Dog REALLY Loves You, Confirmed by Science

From the “Oh my God you’re finally home” tail wagging to the way that they sweetly rest their head on your lap, you have to admit that dogs rank right at the top of pet perfection. They’re playful, funny… is it any wonder that you love your fur baby (almost) as much as your kiddos? And if snuggling with your sweetie (and by that, we mean your pooch, not your partner) has been happening more frequently lately, here are the reasons why your dog might be acting extra cuddly.

Getting cuddles from your canine is undeniably one of the biggest perks of having a pet. But their butt shaking and barking are just a couple of ways in which they show their love and affection. “Most pet parents love when their pets give them more cuddles and furry snuggles, but if this is a new behavior, could there be something else doing on?” Dr. Katie Woodley, BVSc, cVMA, GDVCHM, a holistic veterinarian, asks Romper in an email. “Anytime a new behavior develops, its important as a pet parent to assess if something changed.”

So if you feel like your fur baby might be trying to tell you something with their cuddles, here’s how to decipher your dog’s love language.

There’s no getting around it: dogs miss their humans when they’re not around. Even a quick trip to Target can feel like an absolute eternity to your pooch. That’s why you might want to take a look at your schedule to see how much time you’re actually spending with your dog. “You should consider what your dog could be going through psychologically, since many dogs suffer separation anxiety,” Paula Stewart, an animal behaviorist tells Romper in an email. “If they hate you being out of the house, they will stick by your side whilst you are with them with the hopes you wont leave them again.” Try to carve out some extra time in your schedule to ensure that your pet is getting the love and attention that they need.

You know how crappy you feel when you have cramps? Well, your woofie feels the same way when she’s feeling, um, amorous, Danielle Mühlenberg, a dog behaviorist explains. “It can be as simple as having a female dog in heat,” she says. ”When my Rottweiler has her period, shes extra clingy and loves to cuddle.” That’s why giving your girl positive affirmations can help make her more comfortable during heat, which can last between 2-4 weeks, the American Kennel Association reported.