Why do dogs sit between your legs? A Complete Guide

Reason 4: You’re Just A Scratching Post (Sorry)

So far we’ve suggested that your dog is motivated by your role as protector and loved one.

But in some cases, you may just be a convenient scratching post. I know, it’s not as satisfying as you learning that your dog is showing their love or turning to you in their time of need but it’s often the reality of why your dog dives between your legs.

It’s usually not very subtle and dogs will actively rub themselves against you if this is what’s going on. Usually, they’ll focus on their rump and if you give in and start scratching their butt you can expect a lot more of this behavior in the future.

9 Reasons Dogs Go Between Your Legs

With the background information out of the way, let’s look at the 9 most likely reasons to explain this canine behavior.

Reason 1: Your Dog Could Be Anxious

Going between your legs could be your dog’s way of managing their own anxiety or dealing with fear in many situations.

There are hundreds of studies that show a touch of almost any kind can help reduce stress and promote calmness in both humans and animals. By pushing their way in between your legs, dogs are getting the benefit of not only your touch but oftentimes the pressure of your legs too.

While there are obviously differences between your legs and a pressure wrap, numerous studies have found that pressure wraps can help reduce anxiety in dogs, especially in situations like thunderstorms.

Additionally, it doesn’t take much to see how a smaller dog could feel safe with you standing over them. The space between your legs could be the perfect fit and let them keep their eye on whatever has them nervous all while knowing exactly where you are.

However, the cause of your dog’s fear might not always be so clear which can make this explanation a bit confusing. If your dog starts walking and sitting between your legs after hearing fireworks outside then it doesn’t take much to see the connection. But dogs may be afraid of a new houseguest, another pet, or even just a new space.

It’s important to look at your dog’s body language to figure out if the fear explanation makes sense for your pup. Things like eye contact (or a lack of it), ear placement, tail position, and more can help you figure out if fear is the motivator. Of course, these behaviors can be complex but the video below can give you a quick rundown of how to read your dog’s body language and get you up to speed:

This Is Why Dogs Like To Sit On Your Feet – I Had No Idea!

If your dog has been going between your legs, you’re probably wondering why and what you can do about it.

This post will show you a number of reasons why your dog might go between your legs and a number of things that you can do to stop it.

So, why does my dog go between my legs? Possible reasons why your dog goes between your legs are that it is anxious, being submissive, it wants attention, it has separation anxiety, or it might be being protective. Alternatively, it might be that it has learned that going between your legs gets it rewards.

There are actually a number of nuances to consider when trying to figure out why your dog might go between your legs. There are also many things that can be done about it.