Why do dogs sit on you when scared? What to Know

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Ever ask yourself, “Why is this dog sitting on me when there is a comfy spot right next to me?” Is it just funny or could there be some real motivation behind your dog sitting or lying on you? The truth is, some dogs just lay on you for fun, while others have a driving force leading this behavior. Here are five reasons why your dog may sit on you rather than next to you, and tips for when to encourage, and when to discourage, a dog from sitting on your lap.

Some dogs will sit in “your spot” on the sofa or even roll around all over your sofa as a way to spread their scent and show that you belong to them. When they dont feel that is enough, they move to sitting on you. Most dog parents dont think much of this behavior at first, but its important to notice if this behavior is happening in a pattern. If your dog is doing it after another dog has visited your house, or after hes been outside, dog parents may want to give their pup a little more attention. Some extra attention will help your dog feel confident that he is all yours and may prevent unwanted marking inside the house.

Behavior of the Breed

Certain dog breeds are very affectionate and feel a need to be in your space at all times. Great Danes, for example, are considered gentle giants and have been known to favor children. So, it may be perfectly normal for a large dog to try to sit on a tiny lap as a way to bond with and protect his playmate.

When encountering a new dog, you may want to ask yourself if the dog is sitting on me to assert his dominance. If you recently added a new dog to your pack, one of them may sit on you to assert that hes the top dog. By sitting on people, dogs often feel higher and more in control. If you notice your dog barking or growling at other pets while sitting on your lap, it may be a sign that your dog is feeling the need to assert his dominance. If the behavior gets more frequent or aggressive, PetMD suggests it may be time to talk to your veterinarian about ways to deal with the issue. However, for most dogs, its a once-in-a-while occurrence, so theres no need to be worried.

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Why do dogs sit on you when scared?

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You may have heard the myth that when a dog sits or lies on top of your feet that he is trying to dominate you. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Many dogs form a strong bond with their owners. Wherever the owner goes, the dog follows. Whenever the owner sits down, their dog lies down or sits on or by their feet. This is an indication of the strong relationship you have with your dog.

But there can also be other reasons why your dog sits on your feet, and they happen under certain circumstances. Here’s what you need to know about why your dog likes to sit on your feet.