Why do dogs sleep with tongue sticking out? Surprising Answer

What to do about your dog sleeping with its tongue out

If you’re feeling concerned about it, then you can take them to the vet to see what’s going on. This is a great idea if you notice that this is a new behavior and want to make sure that everything’s okay. A vet will be able to check for anything underlying that you might not see otherwise.

If you are confident that your dog is just sticking their tongue out for a normal reason, however, there’s not much that you can do! This is just a behavior that dogs have that is a part of their personality.

My dog is sticking their tongue out and shaking while sleeping: should I worry?

It’s common for many to be fearful when they see their dog shaking with their tongue out. It must be a seizure, right?

Epilepsy is not all that common in dogs, but it can be an option. You’ll know it’s a seizure if your dog has its eyes wide open, is shaking/trembling with its tongue out, and doesn’t wake up/respond when you call their name.

If this isn’t the case, it just means that your dog has ad ream of some sort and is moving/talking in its sleep — just as humans do!

Dogs pant to cool themselves down

Just the way that we sweat to cool ourselves down when we’re hot, dogs actually use panting to cool themselves down. Since they don’t sweat quite like us, they can’t cool themselves down very well or very quickly. PetMD tells us that “when dogs pant, the air moves quickly over their tongue, mouth, and the lining of their upper respiratory tract allowing moisture to evaporate and cool them down.”

Because of this, it’s important to always help your dog cool down and stay cool on those hot summer days. Shade, drinking water, fans, and wetting your dog down are the best ways to help them avoid dog heat stroke.

Why do dogs sleep with tongue sticking out?

Your Dog Sleeps With His Tongue Hanging Out. ¿What Does It Mean?