Why do wild dogs eat their prey alive? Let’s Explore

Do wild dogs eat prey alive?

Yes, wild dogs eat their prey alive. This is what they usually do when hunting for food. Those less inexperienced in the wild may believe this is a matter of cruelty, imposition of power or natural instinct. But the reality is that they do it this way because it is the technique available to them.

Why do wild dogs eat their prey alive?

Wild dogs usually hunt substantial prey, including zebras, wildebeest, antelopes and other species. The predators’ jaws are not capable of covering the entire neck of their prey.

So they wound them and begin to feed on them while they are still alive until they die of blood loss or shock and the dogs will have accomplished their goal.

Wild dogs also do it this way because they need to feed on their prey as soon as possible. The sounds of hunting can attract other larger and more powerful predators, which are a threat that has the potential to steal their prey. Thus, wild dogs choose to start feeding before any other predator appears.

Why do wild dogs eat their prey alive?

Why do hyenas eat prey alive?

While the prey is still alive, the hyenas begin to separate the meat from the bone to feed. It is a way of hunting and feeding that is quite unpleasant to human eyes.

However, hyenas have their reasons for this behavior. Just like wild dogs, hyenas act this way to prevent other predators from taking over their prey. They do not have much time to enjoy the food they have hunted.

Why do wild dogs eat their prey alive?

Evidently, this hunting and feeding habit of wild dogs and hyenas is based on an evolutionary and survival need to get food before other more powerful predators in the chain.

This type of event is usually due to a seasonal migratory process, but it shows that they can develop good social bonds without inconvenience.

This behavior is typical to see when wild dogs have prey of prominent size. But when their prey is smaller, it is common for them to kill it first and then eat it.

However, the females during the heat are accompanied by only one male of the herd, who is in charge of keeping the other males away. After the birth of the cubs, the mother takes care of them in her den, while the other herd members are in charge of hunting and bringing them food.

The wild dog has a considerable size. The height of the shoulders ranges from 24 to 30 inches (60 – 76cms), while the head and body length is between 28 to 44 inches (71 – 112 cms). Likewise, its tail is usually between 11 and 16 inches (28 – 40 cms). It is the largest, bulkiest and most solid of the African canids.

Generally, pack sizes vary depending on where wild dogs are viewed. There is evidence of temporary gatherings of wild dogs, where packs numbering over hundreds are achieved.

16 Brutal Minutes Wild Dogs Eating Preys Alive

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