Why Does Eustace Hate Courage

Eustace Bagge is one of the three main characters in the Cartoon Network series, Courage the Cowardly Dog and serves as one of the major (on-off) antagonists of the show, specifically to Courage. He is Muriels husband and an elderly, skinny, jaded, disgruntled, cynical, greedy, hard-working American man who is interested in money and obsessed with his truck. Eustace is also the current owner of the farmhouse, which was previously owned by his now-deceased brother Horst. Eustace wears glasses identical in appearance to Muriels, and his brown hat shields his bald head.

Eustace often refers to Courage simply as “Dog” and rarely addresses him by name. Eustace is commonly the subject of an unpleasant ending, whether it being a backfire of his get-rich-quick scheme or the villain of the episode going after him, or better yet, getting his comeuppance at the end, often in quite brutal or fatal ways.

Lionel Wilson originally voiced the character, but left midway through the third season (and eventually died five months after the show ended) and was replaced by Arthur Anderson. In the 2014 short titled The Fog of Courage, Wallace Shawn replaced Anderson as the voice of Eustace, while in the 2021 Scooby-Doo/Courage the Cowardly Dog crossover film Straight Outta Nowhere: Scooby-Doo! Meets Courage the Cowardly Dog, Jeff Bergman took over as the voice of Eustace.

Throughout the show, it is made clear that Eustace came from an abusive home.

10 Mission To Save The Sun

In “Mission to the Sun,” you can consider the storyline a show of Eustaces kindness. The Bagges family are, for some reason, given the mission to stop the sun from burning out under the ruse that theyre taking a trip for a timeshare. Instead of only Courage saving the day, as usual, Eustice tags along, and so does Muriel.

This can be considered an act of kindness, seeing as Eustace hates being involved in anything that doesnt involve sitting in his chair. If Muriel goes, so does Eustace, even if he proves unable to help in the end.

9 Compliments Muriel’s Sick Remedy

Eustace isnt easy to please in any way and doesnt like to complement Muriel in any way. But, in “Hard Drive Courage,” he does have a slight nice moment at the very end. Eustice suffers from a horrible cold, and Muriel tries some of the grossest remedies to heal him.

He shows his disgust to all of them, but, at the very end, he happily gulps down artichoke syrup soup and compliments Muriel because its not too bad and actually gives a smile.

4 Helping With The Little Things

Eustace can be a real hothead, and its proven in the episode “Hot Head.” Even though a new hair growth serum proves to be explosive whenever Eustace gets mad, it also proves his kindness. Eustice may not be the most attentive husband, but he does help in the little things.

After many requests, Eustace tries to fix the squeak in Muriels chair. He also helps her with the things she cant do. He helps her try to open a jar in the kitchen and thread the thin thread through the needle. Maybe its the small acts of kindness that matter to Muriel.


Why is Eustace angry?

Lack of talent and good looks fuel Eustace’s demeanor that has been a wreck since his childhood. Throughout his life, he lived under the shadow of his mean spirited brother Horst, was hated by his mother; and neglected by his father. This is probably why he is so angry all the time.

What does Eustace call Courage?

Eustace regularly yells at Courage and calls him a “stupid dog“. He regularly demeans Muriel as well, but he still does love his wife, as evidenced by his concern for her well-being in a few episodes, like “Demon in the Matteress”.

Why does Eustace scare Courage?

Occasionally, the mask is brought into the actual show to scare Courage. As Eustace furiously scares Courage with the mask, he angrily screams “OOGA BOOGA BOOGA!!” It can be theorized that it was possibly used by Ma to scare Eustace as a young child; hence why Eustace uses it now to scare Courage the same way.

Does Eustace hate Courage?

He has a dislike for Courage and often likes to scare him to near death or berate him. Eustace also tends to be demanding and often scolds Muriel for not having his dinner ready or just grunts angrily. He is the definition of a grumpy old man.