Why does my dog attack animals on TV? The Ultimate Guide

3) Keep Your Dog Under Threshold

Desensitization is a behavior modification plan that entails offering less intense versions of the trigger so that your dog is under the threshold. This means making the sights and sounds emitted by the TV less salient so that your dog can better cope with them.

If your dog is reactive towards noises emitted by the TV, lower the volume a tad bit or even better, press the mute button initially.

Ideally, your dog should still be able to hear the sounds, but they should not be so salient as to evoke the barking. This may take a little bit of experimenting, but it can be tricky as dogs have sensitive ears, and may still be able to hear and react to the most subtle sounds. Investing in some headphones so that you can still watch your shows initially may help.

If visual stimuli get your dog barking, keep your dog at a distance from where he doesnt react or reacts considerably less.

You might have to keep your dog leashed to you initially as you are sitting on the couch. Most dogs are reactive to both sights and sounds, so distance and lower volume can help lower your dogs threshold.

When stopping a dog from attacking the TV with counterconditioning, its crucial that the dog does not react. So when the guardians are training the dog to not lunge at the TV when dogs are on it, they will need to be precise when selecting the distance. Basically what we are doing is teaching a dog to not attack the TV by having them practice being calm when dogs are on the TV. The name the game is getting as close as you can, without the dog barking or lunging.

For this Los Angeles dog training session, we showed 3 year-old Labradoodle Duncan’s guardians how to stop a dog from lunging or attacking the TV when dogs appear on the screen.

The best part of this trick to stop dogs from lunging at the TV is you don’t have to be a professional Labradoodle dog trainer to use this positive dog training trick.

To help the guardians remember the rest of the dog behavior tips I shared with them in this in home dog training session, we shot a roadmap to success video that you can check out below.

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Dogs enjoy watching TV just as humans do. In fact, they like it because their humans do.

“Dogs love to watch things,” dog behaviorist Cesar Millan tells Quartz. “That’s how they learn. When the dog went inside with the human, the window became his first TV. Humans now spend lot of time getting information and entertainment from TV… That’s how the dog finds out that that is the way of entertainment.”Advertisement

Millan, dubbed the “Dog Whisperer” by his first National Geographic TV show, curated a list of series and movies to watch with man’s best friend this National Dog Day, August 26, with streaming-TV provider Sling TV. It includes movies like Jurassic World, sports like the X Games, and animal shows like Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue. The 45 picks are available to subscribers of Sling TV’s basic Orange and Blue bundles through the My TV section of the service until August 28.