Why does my dog bark when someone talks to me? A Complete Guide

Common situations:

“What? You told someone that I peed on my bed?

You said it’s only between the two of us!”

Have you been in a conversation but then your dog reacted after you talked about them?

They’re intelligent and good at relating things. That’s why they might know some words. And for sure, their name is included on it.

And they can really respond when you ask them something like: “Where’s your toy?”, “Are you hungry?”, or “Want to go outside?”

In fact, a study shows that canines can have 200 human words at most in their vocabulary.

That’s due to the frequent usage of those words. As well as by connecting them to what humans usually do after they said it.

Look at this adorable Sheepadoodle communicating with their parent:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ek8ir7dNM4

#7: Your dog picks up your emotions

If dogs can’t understand what you’re saying, they still have a way to do it.

How? By analyzing the tone and volume of your voice.

So if you’re on the loud side and tend to get excited, your Fido might get fired up too.

That’s why they might suddenly bark at you or the person you’re speaking with.

They might think, “Oh, my mama seems angry. She’s raising her voice. Imma help her with this rude man she’s talking to.”

Even when you’re just so thrilled to tell your friend that you got a new job or a new haircut.

#10: They’re being possessive

“Move away from my mama! She belongs to me!”

If this usually happens when you’re talking to someone, they might be guarding you. Especially when they growl and snap in the air.

Wow, I’m touched. Protecting me from what?

Uhm, from getting stolen by some stranger, maybe?

Yes, it might sound weird. But it could be possible.

Aside from their food and territory, dogs could also guard their humans. Because they’re an important resource.

You’re giving them everything they need – from kibbles to affection.

So they’ll let out loud and aggressive barks. As they’re upset that someone might take you away from them.

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