Why does my dog bite me when I touch his collar? What to Know

Collar Dodging: It’s an Epidemic!

It’s embarrassing. No one wants to be that person chasing his dog and when he finally touches her collar, she takes off again. Some dogs will come right back to you when called, but once you put your hands on her collar, she’s gone again! So why does this happen? Allow me to explain it from your dog’s point of view. I’m sure you’ll have some light bulb moments.

Ninety percent of the time when someone reaches for a dog’s collar, he’s ending a play session. The person is attaching his dog to a leash to return home or walk him to his crate. Yup, dogs have learned that collar touches mean fun ends or they’re in trouble. No wonder they run away! Think of it as the “last call” announcement you’ve learned at the nightclub when fun has come to an end. Fortunately, we can change your dog’s reaction to collar touches.

How to Properly Handle a Dog’s Collar

  • Avoid grabbing your dog by the collar unless in an emergency situation.
  • Avoid grabbing your dog by the collar to crate him.
  • Avoid grabbing your dog by the collar to correct him.
  • Avoid grabbing your dog by the collar to snap the leash on and leave the dog park.
  • Avoid grabbing your dog by the collar to do anything your dog generally finds unpleasant.
  • So what should you do if you need to grab Rover by the collar? There are alternative things you can do to prevent collar sensitivity.

    How do you grab a dog by its neck?

    In wild dogs, or dogs that are fighting, the dominant one will grab the other dog’s scruff. When an owner grabs a dog’s scruff, it shows that the owner is the alpha. … Grabbing the Scruff for Training

  • Grab your dog’s scruff firmly but not too hard.
  • Gently shake the scruff.
  • Sternly say “no” while maintaining eye contact.
  • French Bulldog that bits everyone when his collar is grabbed

    Even if a dog is used to wearing a collar, your dog may start disliking this thing around his neck if you begin using it in the wrong way and mishandling it. One of the number one reasons for this is an owner who repeatedly grabs the collar, while the number two reason is likely grabbing the leash.