Why does my dog eat one kibble at a time? A Comprehensive Guide

It is a genetic thing

The dog is a hunting animal. When they are in the jungle, they hunt for food. After the hunt, they eat them a piece of the piece, just like the way your dog eats one kibble at a time.

So you see, this habit has been coming for a long time. So we cannot change it, on the other hand, we don’t want to change it because it is such a very cute thing.

For me, it is a very nice thing. Normally I enjoy seeing my dog’s behavior, and I’m not going to disturb him at all.

What to do if a dog eats one kibble at a time?

As I said before, you should not worry about how your dog eats kibbles. Your involvement can be harmful to your dog, although your thought is good. If you want to increase the amount your dog eat

  • You can motivate your dog
  • You can take advice from your vet
  • You can hire a dog trainer and let him/her involved in this
  • Be patient and give sometimes to your dog
  • help your dog if he/she has any mental or physical disability.
  • Take your dog to the clinic and keep eye on your dog’s nutrition
  • Keep a comfortable environment for your dog
  • Give kibbles on time.
  • But my personal point of view is we should not push them to eat. Especially food like kibbles. The most important thing is you hafta get to know the issue your dog is having.

    Whether he/she has some kinda physical or mental problem. If she/he is ok with it, you should not worry about that.

    Like I said before, this is an extremely normal thing among every dog. Overprotection can be harmful to the dog both mentally and physically.

    So take it easy. Have a good journey with your cute little buddy.

    As a habit

    Some dogs eat one kibble at a time as a habit. That is totally normal and you should not worry about it at all. Most of the dogs have this habit.

    Dog Won’t Eat Kibble (How to Solve The Problem)

    Q. Why does my dog stuff her little cheeks with her dog food, carry it into the living room, spit it all out on the rug and eat it there? — Kristi B.

    A. Most of the time we think of our dogs as part of our families. They are sweet, lovable, clever, funny and our best friends. But when we see behavior like this, it’s a reminder that those bundles of furry love are descended from the wolves — even the little guys.

    This peculiar habit is an instinct that even centuries of domesticity hasn’t completely been bred out of them.

    Out in the wild, there’s a lot of competition for food, and if a wolf is not willing to fight others for his portion, he will grab what he can and retreat to a safer place.

    In homes where there is more than one dog or a variety of different pets, that instinct is more common, but it can be seen even in households with just one dog.

    Your dog is saying this is my food and no one better touch it. Depending on your pets’ aggressiveness with food, he or she might not be all that fierce about it, but the message is clear.

    If your dog is taking her food to the living room, she could be trying to protect her food, or she also might be lonely and looking for some company at dinnertime.

    Dogs are very social creatures and if they aren’t concerned over keeping their food to themselves, then they like to dine with the family.

    Another theory involves the use of metal bowls. Apparently this behavior is seen more often when dogs are being fed hard kibble out of metal bowls. They might not like the noise the kibble makes.

    Cats can exhibit this behavior, too. Although cats don’t have the same pack mentality, they can want to guarantee they are getting their fair share. Cats also tend to be more private than dogs, so they could be looking for a quiet, secluded place to eat.

    Some cats don’t like having their water bowl too close to their food bowl, and no, I have no idea why. It’s a cat thing.

    Newer research recommends feeding cat in flatter, shallow dishes to avoid “whisker fatigue.” Apparently eating from a deep, small bowl puts pressure on a cat’s whiskers as its dips its head down to get food. A cat’s whiskers are very much a necessity to them.

    If the behavior in your dog bothers you, experts recommend finding a more private place for your pup to eat, or feeding her close to where the family is eating, depending on her reason for taking the food from her bowl.