Why does my dog hate kennels? Here’s What to Expect

#8: Use a playpen

If your dog hates the crate suddenly, what should you do?

Remember my friend’s dog, Oreo? She wasn’t crate-trained before.

That’s because she hated being cooped up in her crate during the day.

She slept on it overnight (she had no choice). But come morning, her monster mode was on.

She would chew anything and bark to express her distress.

What my friend did was use a playpen. It was spacious than the crate. It gave Oreo enough space to run around, rest, and play.

The playpen limited her usable space. But it was only temporary. My friend used the playpen until Oreo got used to it.

After that, Oreo was back to crate with additional basic training.

Utilize doggy daycare

Many dogs who have dog crate high anxiety are delighted to spend the day at the home of a friend, neighbor, or relative who is home when you are not, or at a good doggie daycare facility – assuming your dog does well in the company of other dogs. This is not a good option for dogs with true separation anxiety, as they will be no happier with someone else when they are separated from you than they are in a crate.

Are Kennels Good For Dogs?

If you find a good kennel with great facilities and excellent staff, your dog can be very happy there.

In fact, a lot of dogs love being boarded in kennels. It is an excellent opportunity for them to socialize with other dogs and make new friends.

Good boarding kennels have a lot of different toys available and have doggy jungle-gyms so they can get plenty of exercise and have lots of fun too!

Good kennels are like a mini-break for your dog. Dogs that get to know a kennel and go there regularly are happy to stay and do not show any signs of stress on their return home.

This DOG would NOT go into a KENNEL

Some dogs do not fare well in kennels. Boarding Kennels Stress is a term that is regularly used to describe negative mental or emotional tension that some dogs feel when they are boarded in kennels.

There are many reasons why this might be happening, and there are a few things that can be done about it. Although some dogs just do not cope well in kennels and boarding them should be avoided.