Why does my dog have sweaty armpits? Surprising Answer

Why is Thermogenesis Important for a Dog?

Much like people, dogs can easily overheat to a point that becomes dangerous. Processes like panting, vasodilation, and sweating in dogs help to prevent him from overheating and possibly endangering his health. Though a dog’s fur can act as a barrier to heat, once it reaches a certain point your dog’s fur becomes more of a hindrance. And since your dog can’t take his coat off like humans, other bodily processes have to do the work of cooling him down instead.

Do Dogs Sweat from the Armpits?

Though it may be easy to assume a dog sweats from the armpits like people do, there are no sweat glands located in a dog’s underarms. They do have glands in that area, but they are the glands that secrete pheromones for identification purposes, not sweat and moisture for cooling purposes.

But My Dog Smells Like Sweat!

What you are likely smelling isn’t sweat but a mixture of pheromones and oils in your dog’s skin and fur. Dogs secrete oils from the sebaceous glands that help to keep his skin and coat healthy and shiny. If these glands are acting in overdrive, they can have a noticeable odor and even make your dog’s skin feel clammy, which can be mistaken for sweat. Dogs also sometimes have an odor of yeast that secretes from their ears. Because of vasodilation when your dog gets hot, the odor could be more noticeable. Regular bathing and grooming your dog can help cut down on your his unpleasant odors.

Indoor Time

Your dog may enjoy lounging in the sun on a hot summer’s day, but leaving your dog outside for too long is a quick path to heat stroke. Make sure to bring your canine companion indoors frequently, where it’s air conditioned and comfortable. As a general rule, don’t let your pooch stay outdoors for longer than about 15 or 20 minutes at a time when it’s hot outside. While you have your pet inside, run a brush through your dog’s coat. This removes loose fur to thin out the coat, which helps to keep your pooch a bit cooler. Never shave your dog in the summer, though — this might remove your dog’s important insulating layer of fur and make them more susceptible to sunburn.

Winston’s Got Irritated Armpits .. (Simple Solution!)

When you exert physical effort, your body produces sweat. As sweat on your skin evaporates, it helps cool your body down. It’s a natural part of life for humans, but what about our canine companions? How exactly do dogs cool themselves off, especially in hot weather? Do dogs sweat the way humans do?

It turns out that the answer to if dogs sweat isn’t as simple as a “yes” or “no.” Dogs do actually have sweat glands, but they don’t sweat the same way humans do. Understanding your canine friend’s perspiration will help you make sure your dog stays cool and healthy, especially during the hot summer months and when your dog is exercising.