Why does my dog have to sleep between me and my partner? Here’s the Answer

#3: Being protective

Why does my dog have to sleep between me and my partner?

“Must protecc hoomans. So I sleep here.”

Your dog’s being protective of the family. That’s why they sleep between you and your husband.

In your pooch’s mind, you become vulnerable when you sleep. Your guard is down and you’re not aware of your surroundings.

So your dog keeps a close eye on you and your hubby. Just in case something bad happens.

This behavior dates back to their wolf ancestors.

Wolves in a pack are known to sleep together. So when a threat comes, they can defend and protect each other.

This is why it’s natural for your dog to behave this way. More so if they’re one of the most protective dog breeds.

Like the ones on this list by GVA:

Reason 9: Who Fills The Food Bowl?

It may not take more than filling the food bowl to be your dog’s choice when it’s time to sleep.

I’ve noticed in my own experience that even walks don’t carry the same weight as filling the food bowl so even if you’re the one who’s out there bagging up dog poop, if you’re not in charge of mealtime then you may not get the honor of having the dog sleep next to you. Instead, your partner (or whoever fills the bowl) will be chosen!

Reason 4: It’s Just The Way It’s Always Been

Sometimes it may not be a stronger bond at all and it’s simply the way things have always been.

If you’ve had your dog since they were a puppy, they may prefer sleeping by your side simply because that’s what they’ve always done!

Dogs are driven by routine, just like most creatures, and if they’ve been curled up by your side as far back as they can remember why would they change when a new guy or gal shows up?

Sure, it could be that they also have a stronger bond thanks to all that time spent as a puppy but the power of routine could explain your dog’s preference.

Why does Your Dog Sleep between your Legs? [Mystery Solved]

Some dogs have a reputation for loving everyone. Whether it’s the friendly neighbor or the shady guy walking down the alley, some dogs are convinced that everyone is their friend.

It’s easy to forgive our dogs for being distant with strangers but when that same cold shoulder is given to family members we take notice. One of the most important bonding moments comes with bedtime and it’s when many dogs seem to show their true allegiance by clearly choosing to sleep with (or sometimes on) one person over the other. If you’re a couple, this is especially noticeable.

What’s going on here? You’re probably wondering why your dog sleeps with you and not your partner or roommate?

Your dog may be choosing to sleep with (or even on you) instead of partner because your bond is stronger, you’re less of a restless sleeper or your dog prefers your body temperature. It could also be that your dog is simply in a routine or your room is more available than anyone else’s.

That covers some of the bigger explanations but it’s still not everything so let’s take a deeper look!