Why does my dog keep grabbing my arm? Get Your Pet Thinking

How Is Mouthing Different from Biting?

Most people use the words ‘biting’ and ‘nipping’ when they mean mouthing. To be fair, mouthing is best described as a softer version of biting. It can potentially escalate into rougher, more painful and dangerous biting over time. The communication behind dogs’ mouthing is vastly different from true, aggressive biting.

Mouthing on hands and arms can certainly get out of control at the point of hurting, bruising, or breaking skin. At this point, the behavior absolutely needs intervention.

But how can we tell the difference between affection, poor manners, obnoxiousness, and aggression?

Take the level of pressure into account. Monitor the dog’s body language and facial expression when they put their mouth on someone. Are you seeing a lot of jumping, tail wagging, relaxed and loose muscles in the body and face? This is an over-excited dog that’s mouthing.

Conversely, “a bite is at the far end of a long line of behaviors a dog uses to communicate displeasure.” Are you witnessing a serious growl, crouching with tucked tail, baring teeth, tensed body and face? Those are serious and unmistakable signals that mean ‘I’m upset- stay away.’

Why do dogs grab your arm with their paws?

Your dogs grab your arm with their paws because they want attention and affection. They are tactile creatures, using physical touch to communicate their needs to their humans. Sometimes, they also grab your arm because they want you to play with them.

Your Dog is In Pain

It could be the case that your dog grabs your arm to relieve some of their pain. This will likely be the case if your dog’s action is also followed by other signs of distress like whining or yelping.

When your dog shows signs of pain, the first thing you should do is try to give them attention and consider how they might have felt if they were a human child in pain; how would you act?

You can also distract your dog from the pain by getting their favorite toy or petting them. Then, after your dog is calm, take them to see the vet as soon as possible because there could be something seriously wrong!

How to Make a Dog Stop Biting and Why You MUST Do This

I woke up to my dog licking my arm. You would think this is a typical morning for me, but I’m not the only one in the house. The other day, when we walked around the neighborhood, she grabbed my arm with her mouth and dragged me on our walk! She’s never done that before, so what’s going on?