Why does my dog lay on top of my legs? Simple and Effective Tips

How exactly do you help your dog deal with separation anxiety?

  • Before leaving the house, take him for a walk or let him accompany you when you’re jogging. The aim is to get him exhausted so he can rest when you leave. This way, he will not suffer from separation anxiety.
  • Try feeding him when you are almost leaving. It’s in the dog’s nature to take a nap after feeding. So when the dog takes a nap, you can leave.
  • Start by leaving it for a few minutes. You can start by five minutes and then increase with time. This way, it will slowly learn how to deal with the anxiety.
  • The dog is trying to mark its territory to other dogs and other people by marking its territory. This way, the dog feels less anxious.

    To some extent, the dog will go as far as urinating in the house to mark its physical territory. Help it to relax by assuring it you are not going anywhere. It’s the same pack concept. Its nature is staying together with other dogs. In this case, you are part of the pack.

    Things to consider

    Below are a number of things to consider when figuring out the main reason why your dog has been doing it.

    If your dog did not always lay on your legs, it would help to consider what else happened when it first started doing it. If it started doing it suddenly, it could be due to things such as learning that the behavior is rewarded or something causing it to become anxious.

    It would also help to consider if there is a certain time that your dog tends to sleep on your legs, since it could be the case that the timing has something to do with it. For example, if it tends to do it just before you normally leave home, it might be doing it because it wants to be woken up when you leave.

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    Your dog loves to sleep on your legs because he likes it.

    It is probably a habit he picked up as a puppy.

    If you do not mind that furry warm head resting on your legs or lap, then your fur baby won’t mind carrying the habit to adulthood.

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