Why does my dog lick its urine? Surprising Answer

Visit the Vet

Since several medical conditions can cause your dog to lick pee, it’s best to have them checked by a vet to rule anything out. The treatment will depend on the diagnosis.

  • UTIs are easily diagnosed through a urine sample and are usually treated with a course of antibiotics.
  • Cushing’s disease is challenging to diagnose and is usually done by ruling out other diseases first. The illness is caused by a tumor either on the pituitary gland (a gland located near the brain) or the adrenal gland (a gland located near the kidney). The treatment will depend on the origin. A tumor in the adrenals can sometimes be surgically removed. If surgery is not an option, radiation therapy or medications are used to correct the hormonal imbalance.
  • Pica is treated according to the underlying cause. Behavioral pica with no medical concerns usually requires increased exercise and mental stimulation. This is often enough to cure stress and boredom. Environmental enrichment, like food puzzles, toys, and hide-and-seek games are also helpful. If you are away from home for long periods of time, a dog walker can be helpful to ensure that your dog is sufficiently exercised. If pica is a result of a medical condition, treating the underlying condition will usually resolve the pica.
  • Ensure That Your Dog Has a Constant Supply of Freshwater

    Your dog should have free access to drinking water at all times to ensure that they stay hydrated and won’t be forced to drink pee.

    Keep your dog’s water bowl somewhere that they have access to it 24 hours a day. This might mean having more than one water bowl, one inside and one outside, or one in their crate and one outside. Keep as many as you like to fit your dog’s lifestyle; just make sure your dog can get to them.

    Symptoms of UTI infections in dogs

    While a urinary tract infection may not directly answer the mystery of dog licking own urine, it does answer the question as to why your dog is urinating more often and unable to wait to be taken outdoors. A UTI is a bladder infection that can cause your dog pain while urinating, straining to urinate, or frequently urinating. Another telltale sign of a possible UTI in your dog is when the urine has a very strong odor.

    When your dog is unable to adhere to its housetraining rules, that can be a red flag that something is wrong. The UTI may have started when bacterial traveled from the dog’s urethra and into the bladder. Since the bladder strives to be a sterile environment, the growing bacteria sets up the body’s fight reaction which is physically displayed as an infection.

    How To STOP Your Dog From Leaking Urine | Vet Explains

    Dogs fill our homes with excitement, snuggles, and love. They’re a man’s best friend, but let’s be honest, sometimes they can be pretty gross. If you’ve ever wondered why a dog would do something like lick their own pee, we have some answers for you.

    If there’s one thing dogs are, it’s curious. Like a baby, a puppy will explore the world by putting things in their mouth that they shouldn’t. Why would a little pee bother them if they’re willing to chew dirty socks?

    This behavior could just be a stage, but it’s best to make sure the behavior doesn’t stick around and become a habit. Stay close to your puppy so that it explores appropriately. While their curious nature can be sweet, it sometimes leads them to some pretty gross behaviors.