Why does my dog like to bury his face in blankets? The Ultimate Guide

Dogs bury their heads into things when they’re being playful, feeling affectionate, expressing empathy, marking their territory, or sleeping cozily. However, the dog may also be showing signs of stress, fear, anxiety, or discomfort. Context is essential to determine if they are doing it for positive or negative reasons.

Sometimes, dogs bury their nose along with their eyes because their sleeping quarters are too bright! Maybe the window is open during a bright sunny day, maybe we left the lights on in the room, whatever the reason – it’s too bright to comfortably sleep.

Let’s face it: as much as you try to keep the house ‘yours’ when you have a dog, every part of the home becomes ‘theirs’ too. This includes leaping into the couch and burying their faces! The reason that dogs want to be a part of every place you reside or interact with is the same reason that dogs shove their faces into every cushion on the couch.

The reason for this is all of the same manifestations for burrowing into cushions, blankets, and more – just on a much more significant scale.

Even though our domestic pups have nothing to worry about, this lingering desire to keep the nose hidden remains. This is also why a dog raising their belly up to you is a sign of respect and trust, as that is a very sacred place.

Why does my dog hide his face?

Feeling stressed or scared can result in a dog hiding their face. While your dog is smart enough to know their paws aren’t big enough to hide them from the object of their fear, covering their face is their way of communicating that they’re upset.

Why do dogs tuck their noses in when they sleep?

A super-comfy orthopedic pet bed can improve your dog’s sleep. The most obvious reason dogs curl up to sleep is for warmth. By curling tightly into a ball, and tucking their nose under their tail, they conserve body heat.

Why Does My Dog Suck On Blankets (10 Reasons Explained)

Since dogs can’t fluently speak English (yet), they have to find other reasons to communicate with us. Sometimes this means barking, running back and forth, or burying their head under your arm or into your chest.

Your dog burying into you is a bonding moment, but it’s also essential to try to figure out what they’re trying to tell you. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that dogs will bury their heads in their human companions.