Why does my dog nip at people’s feet? Here’s What to Expect

Q: My dog has this weird habit of lunging at people’s feet when I walk him on the street — but he does it only once the person has passed. What is this all about?A: I can imagine how stressful this situation must be for you, especially when you’re just trying to exchange friendly greetings with someone like a neighbor. There are a few reasons your dog could be displaying this behavior.

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Why does my dog bite my feet when I walk?

Some dogs will develop a fascination for human feet and ankles at an early age. As they start to teethe, they develop a liking for using their mouth instead of their paws to pick and move objects.

This might be cute at first but may grow into an aggressive and harmful behavior as they develop into adults.

As I also described earlier, dogs have been used to herd animals and livestock, and this was how they used to herd animals around. Some people believe this is still buried deep within their psyche, and a hereditary trait from earlier times.

#9: Biting feet is fun!

Why does my dog nip at people’s feet?

As mentioned previously, your response to a dog’s behavior can make them repeat it.

One reason could be that your dog finds it fun to bite your feet.

Your feet may not smell bad for you. But remember, dogs have powerful noses. They could smell something from your feet that they like.

Or your squeals when they bite your feet excite them. They think it’s a game. So they find it fun to keep biting your feet!

Kids, in particular, might find it ticklish when dogs bite their feet. They would laugh and move their feet playfully.

For a dog, it’s a sign that biting feet is a fun game.

Ask Amy: Why Do Dogs Nip At Your Feet

If your dog bites your feet and you wonder why, you’ve come to the right place!