Why does my dog not close his eyes when he sleeps? Let’s Explore

How Is a Dog’s Eye Different From a Human Eye?

Dog’s eyes are similar to peoples, but they do have some differences. Dogs do have sharper vision than most humans. Some dogs, however, are like people and do not have very good vision. They, however, do not wear glasses or contacts to help them see better.

Dogs have a third eyelid. This is another membrane that keeps their eye moist and wipes away any dirt or dust that can land on the surface eyeball. Humans have evolved away from having a third eyelid, because we are capable of wiping the dust from our eye with our hands while dogs cannot, thus requiring a third eyelid. A dog’s third eyelid is only capable of blinking when the eyes are closed and will retract when they open. What people are actually seeing when their dog is sleeping with its eyes open is usually their third eyelid.

Typical Sleeping Patterns For Dogs

When a dog settles in for a good night’s sleep, they start out in what’s known as short-wave or slow-wave sleep. This is the time that your pet’s breathing and heart rate slow down.

This slow-wave sleep stage only lasts for about 10 minutes. It then gives way to the rapid eye movement, or REM, stage. REM sleep is the stage where your dog’s eyelids (usually) close and dreaming takes place.3

Why Is my dog sleeping with their eyes open?

If your dog is asleep with their eyes open, they may simply be one of those dogs that sleeps like that occasionally. There are times when a dog sleeping with eyes open is a cause for concern, we’ll look at those in a moment. But they are unusual. Chances are, your dog is just doing what comes naturally to them.

Dog Won’t Open His Eyes Here’s What This Means and what to do

The internet is run amok with plenty of cute dog videos that will ultimately convince you to bring one home. But once you become a pet parent, you realize that time spent with dogs is not always playful or exciting.

In fact, most dogs spend 50% of their day peacefully dozing off. While they might look serene while resting, one thing that might freak anyone out is the trait of sleeping with eyes open.

However, this is a common phenomenon and does not necessarily signify trouble. To know more about why your pet sleeps with its eye shutters open, read more!