Why does my dog not let me kiss my husband? Expert Advice

Why Dogs Get in the Way

Some dogs are indifferent to physical interactions between people but others stare, bark or try to break up or get in the middle of things. And though sometimes this isn’t a problem, many pet owners are looking for ways to keep their dogs from objecting.

So why do some dogs react so strongly? There are a number of possible reasons. First, closeness between people can confuse a dog. Hugs, for instance, are abnormal in the canine world and can be viewed by dogs as threatening. Dogs may also view intimacy as play, which means they want to play, too.

Then there’s the dog’s personality. Certain breeds, like herding and guard dogs, are likely to be on high alert and perceptive of even minute changes in the environment. These dogs may react to anything out of the ordinary or suspicious (like hugging, cuddling, kissing and more). Other dogs take on the job simply from lack of activity and a need for something to focus on. Finally, some dogs learn that their bossy behavior works to get what they consider to be an uncomfortable situation to end.

As one client told me: “We have three dogs interrupting if we even sit too close. If we hug, we have one that gets between us and jumps up and down begging to be held.”

This can be a kind of jealousy. It can be upsetting for a dog when something he wants, like affection, is in jeopardy because attention is focused on someone else. In response, some dogs use attention-getting behaviors to disrupt the situation. But even negative reactions from their owners, like picking up and moving the dog or scolding, are viewed as a reward for their antics, as any attention can be better than none at all.

Why do dogs interrupt kissing couples?

As we have said, intimacy doesn’t exist in dogs. All those activities can’t be understood on any non-humans.

Anthropomorphism is a word used to define human qualities that are being conferred on non-human animals. When you see your dog upset over your intimacy, you immediately associate this as jealousy.

While dogs may appear to be jealous when they see two lovers getting intimate, they are not jealous at all. Most often, there are other reasons behind such jealous-like behaviors.

Below, I have explained the 4 reasons why a dog may come between you and your significant other during your romantic moments.

Do dogs get jealous of spouses?

Dogs can act jealous or protective over items or people. It can become a big problem when the object of the jealousy is a spouse. This type of jealousy is damaging to the bonds between both people and dogs. … Some have said that jealousy is too intricate for dogs to feel, but most dog lovers would disagree.

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Dogs may interpret intense intimacy as something confrontational going on between you and your partner. Rover wedging his way in between you may be his way to calm you down and deescalate what he perceives to be a fight.