Why does my dog pull his bedding out of his kennel? Let’s Explore

Why does my dog pull his bed out of his crate?

The reason why your dog is pulling his bed out of his crate is that he is bored and he may need your attention and wants to play. For your dog, the entire house is a playground. So, why not move things inside out of his crate?

Besides that, dogs like to dig so they scratch and carry around their bed for fun too. In nature, dogs dig to find food, to explore and to hide food and it is something they love, that is why their beds are also their treasure caves and that is why they scratch them uncontrollably to have a good time.

Just as you arrange your pillows before going to bed, dogs rearrange their blankets and toys and the padding of their beds or the bed where they sleep to be more comfortable. Dogs that sleep outdoors, adjust the earth or leaves to make a bed and this behaviour also when they are on a mat or on the floor to try to make it more comfortable.

Why does my dog pull his bedding out of his kennel?

You may be thinking that the bed inside the crate is not comfortable or big enough – and you might be right. Try changing the bed or the blanket inside your dog’s crate and see his reaction.

In most cases, however, this is an invitation to play from your dog, and depending on your reaction and what type of behaviour you reinforce, he may or may not repeat this behaviour in the future.

Below we are going to discuss what a dog’s cage should look like, what should be inside it, so that you’ll know for sure that the reason your dog is pulling his bed out of his crate is just for fun, and not because he is uncomfortable.

How should a dog’s crate look like?

At times, it may be necessary to have to resort to dog cages. The reason may be a transfer, a trip or simply because we want to accustom the animal to not stress when it comes time to have to stay in it.

We start from the premise that regardless of the model and size are chosen, dog cages must be resistant, spacious and comfortable.

Why does my dog pull his bedding out of his kennel?

FAQ on  Why does my dog pull his bed out of his crate?

There are several reasons why your dog may be taking his blanket out of his crate. Maybe your dog is trying to build a nest, or he doesn’t like the smell of the blanket. Maybe he is too hot, or maybe he just wants your attention.

How to stop your dog from chewing up bed

If you spend enough time around a dog, you’re likely to see him trying to either bury something or scavenge through a yard. They’re always looking for something or hiding something. It’s natural and completely healthy most of the time. Unless they’re scavenging your trash. Dogs tend to do this, especially to their blankets and bed. They throw them around and scratch them as if they trying to make a hole in the ground.

That got me thinking, why does my dog pull his blanket out of his crate? Most of the time, dogs are trying to create a nest for themselves by pulling their blanket out of their crates. They love the snuggle feel of a nest. Some of the times, they’re trying to scavenge the blanket as an instinct. Other times, they’re trying to mark territory by leaving their scents to the blanket as they rub themselves against the blanket.

The point is that you don’t need to worry about this. They’re just trying to do to the blanket the same they do to your backyard. It’s an instinct for them to dig holes, and they’re acting out on that.

So, if you want to know how to tell the difference on why they’re pulling their blanket out of their crate, you just have to read ‘til the end. You can better understand whether your dog is just having fun or maybe he doesn’t like the blanket or the bed that much.

One of the reasons that dogs pull their blankets out of their crates is that they’re trying to build a nest for them. They love the sensation of having their own nest to snuggle them while they sleep. It’s also a way for them to feel safer while they sleep and rest. Dogs still worry about protecting their surroundings while they’re sleeping.

The best thing that you can do is to let your dog form his own nest, and provide a clean room with a nice temperature. This will make them comfortable and less stressed all day. A dog’s bed is more than just a place for them to sleep. It’s also a place that they feel safer and more comfortable around the house. Most dogs will spend the majority of their time laying there.

So, the best that you can do is to understand their necessity to have a nest. Let them pull out the blanket out of the crate as long as they’re not making a mess. If you must end the mess, the best solution to get them a nest bed. They’re built like a nest with no risk of a big mess. The Ethical Pets Sleep Zone Cuddle Cave is a great option to look into. Check it out here.

Your dog may be only trying to dig his bed. It doesn’t make too much sense to you, but it’s just part of their instinct. They may be not just trying to dig. Dogs’ ancestors were scavengers and that’s where this necessity to dig comes from.

The theory of dog’s ancestors being scavengers comes from the belief that dogs followed humans, waiting to eat whatever it was left from their hunts. Like hyenas that eat what’s left from a lion’s feast.

This is why dogs love to dig and bury things around your yard. Pulling the blanket is just another way to move things around and practice that instinct. Of course, you may not like the mess, but it’s nothing to worry about.

So, you can discourage the behavior, but know that it’s nothing that you need to worry about. Just make sure that your dog doesn’t tear the blankets apart with this behavior.