Why does my dog sleep by the front door at night? Get Your Pet Thinking

Reason 7: You Could Be Encouraging Your Dog to Sleep by the Door

All sleeping dogs are adorable and all dogs can lay in goofy ways so it’s not strange to want to exclaim to the world how adorable your pup is! But while this attention toward your dog by the door may seem harmless, your excitement could mean a lot to your dog.

Positive reinforcement is something that you do to reinforce or encourage a certain behavior. A common example of positive reinforcement is telling your dog to sit and then giving them a treat right after they sit.

By giving your dog attention through pets, excited exclamations, or petting your dog while they’re laying by the door, you are using positive reinforcement. Your dog might be thinking, “My human loves when I lay by the door! I’ll keep doing it to make both of us happy!” and will most likely continue sleeping or laying by the door.

#5: Seeking attention

Another reason why your dog sleeps in front of the front door is because they want your attention.

Are you giving your fur ball enough cuddle time? Are you playing with them? Do you go out for walks?

If your answer to these questions is “no”, then your furry best friend craves your attention.

This can be very evident in the way your pooch positions themselves by the door. If they are blocking your path, they will want you to stop and give them some tender loving care.

And when they follow you around during the day or when you’re home, that’s even more evidence for this reason.

How to Discourage the Behavior

While sleeping or laying by the door seems like a harmless act, there could be reasons not to want your dog to do it such as getting in the way of people going through the door or being a tripping hazard when walking nearby.

Let’s look at some ways to discourage your dog from sleeping by the door.

This is Why your DOG SITS at Your Door. || Monkoodog

The average pet dog sleeps almost 18 hours a day. All that time spent asleep means that dogs usually have favorite napping spots, such as their bed or by their owners feet. But what about dogs laying by the door? If you notice that your dog prefers to sleep in the doorway, there may be a reason for this behavior. Read on to learn more, as well as tips to train your dog to sleep elsewhere.