Why does my dog sleep outside my bedroom door? Get Your Pet Thinking

5 tips on what to do if your dog sleeps by the front or bedroom door (at night)

If you want your dog to do something, training through positive reinforcement is the way to go.

It is effective when you want your fluff ball to sleep where you want them to. Be it on the bed with you or in their own sleeping corner.

Give your pooch a reward like a doggy treat when they sleep in their own spot. Or shower them with kisses or scratches behind the ears.

But when you see them sleeping somewhere else, show your disapproval. Leave the room, for example.

You can also stop your dog from sleeping in front of the door by teaching them the “come”, “down”, and “stay” command.

Here’s an easy guide on teaching your dog to lie down:

#8: Boredom

When bored, going outside can lift your spirits and stimulate you. After all, the outside world is full of things yet to be explored.

So, when you see your four-legged pal flopped down in front of the door, they might just be waiting for a chance to go out and cure their boredom. Sleeping there will bring them closer to more opportunity outside.

They want to spend their energy somewhere else. But the four walls of your house are preventing them from doing so.

#12: Breed

Surprisingly, the breed of your dog has an influence on whether they sleep in front of the door or not.

Sleeping near the door is a technique to guard the territory and everyone within it. It is reminiscent of wolf packs and how they behaved in dens. And guard dog breeds are the ones usually associated with this behavior.

One of the oldest guard dogs, the Chow Chow, is proof of this.

The history of this bear-like dog dates back to 3,000 years ago. This is when their role was to keep the Lama Monasteries safe and secure. And they stayed by the front doors for this purpose.

This is Why your DOG SITS at Your Door. || Monkoodog

Have you noticed your dog taking up a position by your bedroom door while you sleep? There are a number of reasons why this may be the case. He may be attempting to give you protection the best way he knows how. He may be doing it because he is very insecure and wants to make sure that you don’t go anywhere.

There are plenty of other reasons why your dog may sleep by your door. Here are a few of the most common ones for you to consider.