Why does my dog sleep with me every night? Surprising Answer

The big bed smells good

There’s a reason why there are scented candles that smell like freshly laundered sheets — it’s an amazing scent. That scent (well, preserving it) is why many humans buy their dog their own bed, but it’s also the reason why our dogs are drawn to ours.

Why Does My Dog Sleep So Close to Me?

So why is your dog so intent on sleeping in your room? Wouldn’t they prefer to roam around the house freely or take up all the space on the couch while you’re not looking?

This may be explained by dogs’ natural instincts to shelter together, coming from what we know about wolves and wild dogs. Cozying up in dens was a way to guarantee a certain level of protection, security, and warmth.

It provides them with a reliable place to lay their head and sense safety.

This desire to sleep with you is likely a natural instinct to stay close for safety and secureness. You being the head of household or of certain authority to your dog, they feel the most secure in your presence.

Benefits of letting dogs sleep with owners

  • Sleeping with our dogs has been part of some cultures since dogs became domesticated. It can be a source of comfort for dogs, but also humans. Sleeping with your dog has been proven to decrease anxiety and stress for both parties.
  • When your dog is still getting comfortable in your home, allowing them to sleep with you can give them a chance to get settled and feel at ease. They get more familiar with you by spending these long periods of time with you.
  • In terms of practicality, your dog can be a source of warmth during cold weather. Their body temperatures are much higher than ours. Having a warm pup next to you can actually help you sleep better.
  • In some cases, having an alert dog can come in handy. Dogs sleep very lightly compared to humans. If something out of the ordinary happens, like movement outside of your home, your dog could be the reason you have enough time to take action.
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    There has always been debate over whether or not our dogs should sleep with us. Many people believe sleeping with their dogs creates a stronger bond. Dogs, by nature, want to be close to their families. Here you will find all you need to understand why dogs like to sleep with their owners, and if its right for you.