Why does my dog stand over my feet? What to Know

7 Common Reasons Why Your Dog Stand Over Your Feet

Dogs can get spoilt, too, just like kids or adults. These dogs would always want to have their way with everything because they usually do.

Spoilt dogs usually stand on their owners feet when they see that they are in the middle of something or still want a certain thing, even if it was just denied them.

They also do not like any form of responsibility and whine and get moody when their wants are not met. If you have a spoilt dog on your hands, not to worry, as you can gradually train him and stop pampering him unnecessarily, so he becomes well behaved.

Stop giving in to all his requests, be more firm with him, and only reward him when he has worked really hard for it.

He just wants to be near you.

Another reason why your furry friend would be standing over your foot is for the simple reason that he wants to be close to you.

He might do this when the only part of your body he can access is your feet, such as when you are on a couch with other people, and there is no space for him to move in.

He could also do this because your legs are the closest part of your body he has access to. This may also indicate that your dog wants to cozy up to you and cuddle with you.

So that is why he is waiting for you to approve. If this is the reason you should be happy that your dog loves you so much and wants to spend time with you. Take him in and enjoy some doggie time.

Seeking Attention:

When your dog is not getting enough attention, he wants from you that he actually wants, he is most likely to stand on your feet wherever you are around him or sitting on the couch.

Why does my dog sit on my feet? 8 Reasons Why Dog Sit on your Feet Explained

The main reason your dog stands on your feet is simply because they don’t even realize what they’re doing. Dogs are pack animals and often like to be as close as possible. When your dog tries to get close to you, they’ll end up standing on your feet without realizing it.

Dogs bring so much joy and entertainment to our lives, but even the biggest dog lovers have to admit that dogs can be rather strange from time to time. One of these “strange things” is when your dog stands on your feet.

If your dog is in the habit of standing on your feet, the question you’re probably asking yourself is, “WHY?!”

One of the myths floating around is that when a dog stands or sits on you, they’re trying to show dominance and claim their spot as Alpha. The good news is this couldn’t be further from the truth!

In today’s post, we are going to be going over the various reasons dogs stand on people’s feet. Then we will go over how to put an end to this behavior (if it’s something you want to stop).